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Take Your FBX Campaigns to the Next Level

Published: March 22, 2013

Author: Caroline Watts

Facebook’s new real-time bidding exchange isn’t so new anymore. If you’re like many other marketers, you’re already on FBX and you’re seeing incredible results. But could your campaigns be doing even better?
fbxIf you’re looking for new ways to improve the performance of your FBX campaign, try any (or all) of the following optimization suggestions:
Increase Segmentation
Focus on the right users and the right users only. If you’re finding that your conversion rates aren’t as high as some of the success stories you’ve seen all over the web, one culprit could be your targeting parameters.
Are you serving FBX ads to everyone who visits your website? Not everyone is interested in making a purchase (at least not right now). Some of your site visitors are just beginning to gather more information about your product or even your industry and may not be ready to be retargeted. Your visitors might also be interested in career opportunities rather than purchasing a product (tip: you might want to bucket people who visit your careers page into a different Facebook retargeting campaign to encourage them to complete applications or join a talent community).
By focusing exclusively on those users who have engaged more deeply, you can get more out of every dollar you spend. On the flip side, be careful of over-optimization because you don’t want to exclude users who may be close to (but not quite at) the purchase point.
Get Creative with Creative
Those new to Facebook advertising may not be as comfortable with the Facebook ad format. Unlike standard IAB banners, FBX ads are small images accompanied by a text headline and a short blurb.
If your FBX campaigns mark your first foray into Facebook ads, it’s time to get creative. Though you have limited real estate, you can still use the space (and the text!) allotted to make a lasting impression. Facebook’s social nature lends itself well to funny or playful ads, and because you’re targeting users who have been to your site before, you don’t have to introduce yourself. It’s the perfect place to introduce a little whimsy—even for serious brands.

ad on fbx
Well, it is eye-catching.

Even if you’ve designed great ads, you should always refresh creative after a few months. With any retargeting campaign, even amazing creatives begin to lose their luster after three or four months, and campaigns almost always see a dip in performance. Make sure creative refreshes are a regularly scheduled part of your campaign.
Finally, take a look at your landing pages. Are they a clear continuation of your ad? Are they streamlined, simple, and easy to navigate? Though often overlooked, the landing page is one of the key elements to any successful ad campaign. FBX is no exception.
Integrate Your Campaigns
If you’re running additional site-based retargeting campaigns, your users are seeing both Facebook and regular display ads around the web. Have you thought about how well those ads complement one another? Think about what your FBX ads can bring to the table on top of site-based retargeting. Do both sets of ads look similar while bringing something slightly different to the table? Do they reinforce the same messaging without being exactly the same? Make sure you’re thinking about the user’s entire journey when you plan your campaign.
You may also be running additional Facebook ad campaigns, and your users may be seeing those Facebook ads as well as your FBX ads. Make sure all your ad campaigns are serving distinct purposes and that all your creatives are telling the same brand story, otherwise people may simultaneously get burned out and lose the message.
It’s always a best practice to continually test and optimize. Do you have any testing optimization tips that have worked for you on FBX?
– Caroline Watts

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