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Symbiopsychotaxiplasm and Paid Search

Published: October 16, 2012

Author: Todd Mintz

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm from claudiapalma on Vimeo
I would tell you to stop everything and watch this film…but if you’re reading this at your office, that’s probably not a good idea.
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm is a film about the making of a film. Meanwhile, while that film is being made, another camera crew is filming the people filming the making of the first film. This movie teaches wonderful lessons about the variables in perspective and how they influence the story that one sees.
Now, let’s talk about Symbiopsychotaxiplasm in the paid search context…
I manage accounts for several clients. I “live and breathe” these accounts each and every day, giving me a very intimate perspective on them, and because I’m closely influencing and measuring the results of these campaigns, I feel that my perceptions comes very close to “objective truth.”  However, other partners in the relationship will likely view the accounts differently because of their unique relationships and perspectives.
On each of these accounts, I work with a production person who assists me with account management. He/she sees the same data as I do but doesn’t “work” the accounts in the same way, so he/she doesn’t have the same relationship with the data as I do. His/her perspective of how the account is doing is colored by the numbers but might also be strongly influenced by the quality and tone of the conversation that takes place between us about the work.
Some of our conversation takes place via Skype and Email, hidden from view. Some of it takes place on our Internal Web Portal in the full view of others in the company. The managers at PPC Associates read through the portal conversations, and they also audit the account numbers. They’ll also converse with me about the clients from time to time as well as periodically chat with the clients themselves. Their perspective is a bit more detached than either mine or my production person’s…but it’s a very determinative and important one.
SEM perspectives
The clients’ perspective is based upon the communications (written and verbal) with myself and others in both our company and theirs. They also have their own interpretations of the data that they’re seeing, and while they might not have the qualitative experience that I possess, they frequently are laser-focused on certain items, and their verbal guidance combined with my technical skills is an excellent combination for advancing the success of the engagement. Also, they have the perspective of being “insiders”…they see the end results of a successful paid search campaign in operation and are exposed to the internal corporate operations. They are able to make the linkages between the business and the paid search campaign that I, the outsider, am not able to sense.
The Search Engine Reps with whom I converse on a regular basis also have unique perspectives. They’re numbers-focused, and clearly their aim in communicating with me is to help push spend. However, they have internal knowledge and access that I lack, so they can overlay that “hidden” information onto what they’re seeing in that account and make suggestions for performance. It’s incumbent on me to resist the suggestions that will drive up spend without a corresponding ROI, but I need to be able to pull out the nuggets of relevant information that I believe will further the aims and goals of the account.
paid search perspectivesMeanwhile, let’s not forget the perspective of the web searcher looking for a product or service. They do a search and hopefully see my client’s website listed as a paid result. If I’m doing my job properly, the person seeing that ad is relevant to my client’s offer, and ideally, my ad text is enticing enough to encourage a click, generating a qualified visitor who will hopefully act in the best interests of my client (which should be aligned with their personal interests as well).
A story can be seen many different ways by many different people.  The key for me is to see, understand, and act appropriately on the perspectives other than mine, since that leads to the best all-around outcomes for everyone.
Todd Mintz, Sr. Account Manager

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