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Successful Facebook Advertising For Ecommerce Companies

Published: June 6, 2014

Author: Ryan Pitylak

ecomDepending on your industry, methods for advertising on Facebook differ. Successful campaigns are built using industry best practices and niche techniques. Facebook offers a wide range of customer targeting options for ecommerce campaigns. Selecting the options that will draw in the right target customers for your business is critical.
Before you spend money on Facebook to advertise, you should know precisely which target audience is your best customer group, and what type of advertising creative works best for that group. 

Target Your Prime Customer Base

In order to get the best return on investment (ROI) from Facebook ads, you need to select the right audience. The following audiences are listed from highest to lowest ROI potential.

-Dynamic News Feed retargeting pools
-Custom Website Audiences
-Custom Audiences of previous purchases

Using these categories, an established ecommerce company can build its marketing spend on Facebook to $100K per month.

Dynamic News Feed Retargeting

Dynamic News Feed retargeting groups are often the best-performing audiences on Facebook. These groups include visitors to your website who are tracked through the Facebook Exchange (FBX). This system lets you see the products and pages visitors have browsed on your site. Ads featuring these products can then be targeted to these customers. As users have indicated interest in the product, conversions are very likely.

Custom Website Audiences

Custom Website Audiences are formed by tracking Facebook users who have been to your site with a pixel. These audiences can be broken down further into sub-groups such as when they visited, which pages they landed on, and whether they checked out. This group receives the same ad instead of personally designed ads like the dynamic News Feed group.

Custom Audience with Previous Purchases

This category is developed from an email list of previous customers. With this data, you can create groups of Facebook users based on their buying behavior. 


Lookalikes are people who have the same characteristics of your custom audience. Using factors such as gender, age and location, you can send groups specifically targeted ads.
A new company may not have enough data from visitors to compile the audiences. In this scenario, a list can be compiled from interests or partner segments.

Make an Impact with Your Creative

Relevancy, language, and images are the key factors used to engage your audience through ads. Effective ads are created with a strong creative strategy.

Compelling Images

The right imagery is critical in catching the attention of Facebook users. Product-focused images with a small number of products work better than collages or lifestyle images. A good rule of thumb is to use brightly colored products on a neutral or white background. 

Engaging Copy

Copy used in Facebook ads needs to describe the value of your product and create a sense of urgency. You want people to stop and think about your product. Your copy needs to be engaging and exacting and grab your audience’s attention. Action-oriented dynamic language combined with a strong call to action gets the best result. Using offers on ads and then testing them can help determine which ads work best. 

High Relevancy

Ads are generally listed in three groups including product-specific, offer/deal-specific, and category-specific. Depending on your audience, different ads get better results. Relevant ads will entice people to click through and convert. With careful consideration, you can determine which ad to use for each audience.

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