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Stand out with Animal Style ad copy

Published: December 7, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is from Bradley Zeller, PPC Manager for Obu Interactive.
Sometimes, to get the best, you have to order items that aren’t on the menu, such as animal-style fries and animal-style burgers from In-N-Out Burger (one more reason I love the West Coast). The same thing goes for ad copy writing; everyone knows how to write an ad, but not everyone knows how to write the most unique ad when everyone else is already optimizing the keywords. At Obu Interactive, we have founded the Animal Style of ad copy writing.
How to make your ad stand out
When I first got started in this industry, Google ads were always on four lines: Headline, Description 1, Description 2, and Display URL. To write my ads, I developed a technique called the 4 Corners. To employ that tactic, make sure all four corners of the ad stick out or get noticed in some way. My approach was usually having the top left words bolded by making sure the keywords were in the ads, and putting a symbol or price in the top right. Example below is for the keyword “buy Hanukkah candles”:
four corners
Notice in the ad how I let the searchers know that they can buy in bulk or just one pack; it gives people more of a reason to shop and click the ad. That was my staple Description 1 when I worked in the Office Supply Industry.
At Obu Interactive, we have adapted and expanded on this. Say you are making an ad for someone searching “holiday wrapping paper,” and you see that all of the other ad headlines are bolded and say “Holiday Wrapping Paper.” You know it’s Animal Style time.  I like to do a test of writing a completely different ad. Headline examples: “Jingle All the Way” or “Ho Ho Ho – Wrapping?”
Our research shows that switching it up and not even having the keywords in the headline can get the same CTR or even increase response while maintaining conversion rates. The key to ad copy writing is making your ad stand out from the pack as long as your ROI doesn’t diminish.
How to optimize your ad copy for top positions
If you know that your ads are usually going to be showing in position 1-3, be prepared for your Description 1 to swing up next to the headline if you have any punctuation mark at the end of the Description 1.
Take advantage of this by preparing and writing a stronger statement; you can even have a mini-sentence with the combined 60-character limit plus the dash for even more space. Another thing to consider when using call extensions and the number shows up is that it will combine your description 1 and description 2 on the second line. This makes a strong statement like the ad shown here (not my ad).
good ad copy
As you can see, you are taking up maximum real estate on the page, and you still have a great ad.
These are all different things to think about when writing ad copy.  Now, if you’re lucky enough to live near an In-N-Out Burger, try your hand at ordering off the menu with the 100×100. By the time you finish it, you will be ready for my next blog post.
Bradley Zeller Obu Interactive– Bradley Zeller, New York native and San Diego resident, has a wide range of marketing experience, including ecommerce marketing and legal marketing. He spends his free time traveling up the California coast with his girlfriend and taking advantage of San Diego’s beautiful beaches.

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