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Spotting Your Movers & Shakers

Published: July 5, 2016

Author: Jacob Ehrnstein

One of the biggest issues with large accounts is dealing with the volume of keywords that can be in an account. If the site you are running campaigns for has hundreds or thousands of products, pages, or multiple diverse lines of businesses the number of keywords and the diversity of these keywords can quickly multiple to thousands – or in some cases even millions.
While finding keywords that are highly relevant to your site is the goal often times keywords that we choose and use in broad or broad match modified can serve on terms or in ways we didn’t expect. Additionally terms may be experience volatility due to seasonality, a sudden increase in media coverage, or any number of unforeseen reasons.
A simple report set up using filters in the AdWords UI can quickly identify these ad groups or keywords that are seeing large volatility in day over day. With this simple report you will very quickly be able learn which when an ad group or keyword needs further assessment based on the average volatility you see in your day over day comparisons.
Setting up the report is simple. To start set the date filter to yesterday compare to the day before.
Choose the setting you would like to run the filter against. You can filter against specific parameters to identify large changes. For instance in the example below I am looking for ad groups that have grown over 100% in the previous day  and have grown more than $10.
The filters you can use to measure growth metrics are robust and ultimately it will be up to you in terms of what metrics make the most sense for you to run against. It may take some trial and error to find the best ones for your account but it is well worth it once you find a good set of thresholds to work with.
For this account this allows us to quickly identify any ad groups that may have recently only spent a few dollars a day but then are seeing large and fast growth.
Let’s take a look at the ad groups that get returned after running this filter.
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.16.19 PM
Very quickly you can see the top ad group had some tremendous growth over a day-to-day period. In this case the growth was due to natural growth – but I was very quickly able to identify areas with the largest area of growth and on the ad groups with enough to spend to warrant spending time looking into the ad groups. If you have tens or hundreds of thousands of keywords this can help you parse through the top movers of the day.
In another situation you may identify keywords that need to be paused out, negatives that can be added to the account or ad group. Or, you may find ad groups or keywords that are experiencing strong growth, and are meeting your target CPA. With these ad groups may have the potential to be bid higher for even more traffic.
Overall the report will give you a strong understanding of the movement of keywords and ad groups in your account. It take just minutes to set up and it can be sent to you automatically daily by automating the report in the AdWords UI making the report quickly to move through as part of your day to day process for keeping your account under control.

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