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Social Marketers Discuss Their Favorite Facebook Brands

Published: May 23, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell

The question for our social marketers this week is:

What is your favorite brand on Facebook doing right?


Clark Sioson, Account Manager

One of my favorite brands is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

They are the premiere Mixed Martial Arts organization in the world with gyms across the country, an online store to sell merchandise, shows to promote on cable TV, and live events on pay-per-view.

They have an active Facebook post rotation to showcase all of these properties. While it may seem like a lot of content, they do a great job of varying their posts, which range from links to fighter interviews, surveys, dramatic in-fight photos, round table discussions with journalists — and my favorite: video highlights of fighters for an upcoming event. These videos auto-play on mobile and do a great job getting fans excited about the next pay-per-view.

The UFC Facebook page is becoming a one-stop shop for all my mixed martial arts needs. For the most part, the other 14.7 million fans of the page would agree.


Molly McCarty, Account Manager

My favorite brand on Facebook is Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. They post regularly, but not too often. This means I am not getting flooded with status updates from there, but I do get a nice serving of Ben & Jerry’s throughout the week. Their posts are usually comedic and involve their ice cream.

Currently, they are using #PintProblems and post about common problems that come with having Ben & Jerry’s. The most recent example is pint theft. The solution? Hide your ice cream behind a bag of frozen vegetables. (The exact post can be seen here.)


I really like how innovative they are with their posting. They have enough faith that their product will sell itself that they don’t tell their Facebook audience to go out and buy Ben & Jerry’s. Instead, they post funny anecdotes that make us like the brand even more!


Natalie Peejoh, Senior Production Manager

Nordstrom! Their retargeting is on point. I do a lot of online shopping, so naturally I receive a decent amount of retargeted ads, and there’s something about Nordstrom’s that always brings me back. I wish I could say I was impervious to these tactics given my cred, but sadly for my wallet that is not the case. They are also excellent at updating their page several times a day with engaging posts. With 2.6 million likes on Facebook and accounts on  Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, and even Tumblr, they are on top of social trends.


Sosse Makasdjian, Account Associate

My favorite brand on Facebook is Birchbox because they approach social media the way a brand is supposed to: they try to be interactive with their audience, and it made me want to be a part of what they do.

I became familiar with Birchbox because of their advertising. They ran a suggested post featuring a big, bright image that caught my eye. I saw that a friend had liked their page, so I clicked through and saw that a majority of the content on their page was user-submitted photos of what they received in their Birchboxes. I wound up not only liking the page but signing up for a membership, and I even submitted my own photos when I got my first box.

They’re the perfect Facebook brand that encourages customers to engage, and runs the appropriate type of advertising to draw new eyes to their product.

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