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Social Marketers Discuss New Ad Feeback System

Published: June 27, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell

With Facebook’s new Ad Feedback system in place, what impact will it have on campaigns across the board?

DaynaDayna Moon, Sr. Director of Social Advertising
“The only constant in social media is change.” For better or worse we live and work in a dynamic environment that often breeds a level of reactiveness versus being proactive and consultative. As the ecosystem evolves, marketers continue to face the challenge of being valuable and staying valued.
Facebook’s recent addition to the ad units places even more emphasis on relevant and engaging content. Users are given the option to opt out of a brand’s advertising, essentially “upping the ante” for brands to continue to produce relevant content and further promoting the conversational aspect of social. (What better way to show a brand you are unhappy with their actions that you don’t like an ad than by opting out of all future communications?)
On the positive side, it can also shed some light on why users are being served particular ads based on their associations. This should lead to more advanced targeting features in the future, as users may become more cognizant of the pages/brands they are linked to.
AliciaAlicia Antoniolli, Account Manager
The times, they are a-changing! This new Facebook ad feedback feature will allow users to see why they were targeted for an ad. Further to that, they can add and remove interests that Facebook uses to show them ads. As this is implemented across Facebook, advertisers must begin to adapt and shape their ad copy even more, and attempt to be as relevant as possible to their target audience. On the flip side, though, it will also result in more precise and sophisticated targeting options from Facebook. As they evolve and tailor their audiences, we too must evolve and tailor our advertising. All signs are pointing to better tools for advertisers; we have to be ready to take advantage of them.
ClarkClark Sioson, Account Manager
Facebook has to strike a balance between organic content and ads. Advertisers and brands want more inventory, but Facebook cannot flood the News Feed with too many ads and risk alienating its user base.
With the limited space, Facebook wants users to see content that’s relevant to them and vice versa.
Facebook will provide an explanation as to why users are seeing certain ads, and users can then tailor their ad interests in order to be served more relevant ads in the future.
The impact will not be immediate, but it is part of the long-term plan. Facebook wants the ads to eventually blend in with your day-to-day life, Relevant ads lead to not only higher conversion rates but better quality customers, which lead to happy advertisers who will be willing to allocate a bigger piece of the advertising budget to Facebook.
MollyMolly McCarty, Account Manager
Facebook has always put a lot of emphasis on making sure that the content users are seeing in their News Feeds are relevant to them specifically. Zuckerberg has made it clear time and time again that Facebook ads are not supposed to be intrusive – instead, they are meant to be a continuation of what you are already seeing from your friends. The advanced and highly powerful targeting options available to users makes this possible.
It is well known that positive engagement on ads (likes, comments, shares) will improve your ad’s performance. This makes sense. When an ad is seeing positive engagement, it means that users want to see that ad, so the Facebook algorithm rewards that ad. The same theory is in play for negative engagement. When someone hides an ad, costs begin to rise, and impressions begin to drop.
My guess is that the Ad Feedback system will have the same influence but will make it easier for the general audience to provide this feedback. This will push advertisers to improve every part of their ad – from targeting to copy and creative. The more positive engagement you can get, the better off you will be!

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