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Social Advertising Holiday Wishlist

Published: December 10, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell


The holidays are here, and we’ve got a habit of asking for (and maybe getting one or two) new ad features at the end of the year. Here are our social advertising wishes for the new year — so listen up Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; we’ve got wishes courtesy of Dayna Moon and the social team at 3Q Digital!


First up, we’ve got our list of things we’re hoping for from Twitter:

-BULK CREATE: Bulk-create tool for promoted tweets to easily build multiple tweets with multiple URLs.

-FILTERING: Better filtering options in dashboard – e.g. availability to filter out paused campaigns or segment by type.

-REPORTING: Improved reporting functionality – customize export information at account level and campaign level (e.g. promoted tweet copy, devices, target performance, etc., rather than having to pull at campaign level only).

BETTER LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES: Ability to expand the reach of the lookalike audience by broadening the search, similar to the 1%-10% option in Facebook.

BETTER REPORTING FEATURES: – similar to Facebook, where we can get more granular with the data.

BULK EDITOR TOOL: similar to AdWords Editor or Facebook Power Editor.


We’re pretty happy with the results we’ve been seeing from Facebook advertising, especially on mobile, but there’s always room for improvement. Zuckerberg, we expect these under the tree:

-CREATIVE REPORTING: We’ve heard this is launching soon, and it’s important. We know Facebook is collecting data on the engagement (positive and negative) of all ads. It would help the advertiser create better, more engaging, ads if we knew what kind of feedback the different ads were receiving.

-BUG IMPROVEMENTS IN POWER EDITOR AND ADS MANAGER: For example, not being able to select connection targeting in Power Editor when creating the ad. We usually have to upload, then go adjust within ads manager. Give us a solution!

-SCHEDULING IMPROVEMENTS: For example, the ability to schedule different budgets and schedule start/end times for the same ad set. In one instance, a retail client wanted their Black Friday post to have different budgets on different days – since this feature is not available, we had to duplicate the ad set and set the different budgets that way for different dates.

-HIGH-LEVEL ACCOUNT REPORTING: For instance, allow the user to select a specific conversion metric in the dashboard, for easy high-level account checking.

-AD SCHEDULING: Better management for ad scheduling, so it’s not necessary to have lifetime budgets that need to be edited on a regular basis to manage spend properly.

 Ability to pull advertising data by the hour to facilitate better ad scheduling.

 Increased support for agencies and more seasoned advertisers.


Ah, LinkedIn, the littlest social brother. We love the business-oriented nature of the platform, but there’s a lot of room for improvement:

-CONVERSION TRACKING WITHIN THE PLATFORM: It’s a pain to use 3rd-party tracking like Salesforce or Google Tag Manager.

-PIXEL TRACKING: That is all.

Bulk editing and creating would allow for more efficient small- and large-scale changes and builds, and overall ease of management.

Ability to segment ads by placement and/or reporting that shows performance by placement in order to see how your ads perform on mobile, tablet, desktop.

Are you hoping for a feature that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments.

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