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Sneak Peak: Inside 3Q Digital's 2018 Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

Published: July 5, 2018

Author: Molly Shotwell

If you haven’t heard, the 2018 edition of our Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising is here. Today, we’re peaking inside at a section on available advertising placements. Below is a run-down of the three most popular placements.
For insider tips and strategies from our Paid Social team on how to make the most of every dollar, download the guide


Facebook Feed

The Facebook Feed offers Mobile News Feed (MNF) and Desktop News Feed (DNF) placements. Typically, Facebook ad inventory is about 85% mobile. MNF ads typically deliver lower conversion rates but often carry higher CTRs and lower CPCs than the DNF. It is important to understand your mobile user experience prior to launching on MNF; a weak mobile experience will create negative sentiment towards the brand and do more harm than good. MNF ads will typically perform well for shallow conversions. As conversions become deeper in the funnel, we tend to see the CVR from initial click drop even more.

DNF allows for longer character limits and larger images. It is best for when you need to deliver more detailed ad copy to viewers. Because of the high conversion rates and limited inventory (remember, only about 15% of Facebook inventory is desktop), it is the most expensive placement. Engagement rates are important on all Facebook ads, but since DNF is so expensive, engagement rate is especially important on this placement. A high CTR will drastically drop the CPC.

An effective strategy could be using the MNF as the first touch point and leveraging the DNF for retargeting, especially when advertising high-consideration products.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) supports video and display ads across third-party websites and apps outside of Facebook. Although you are unable to see which sites or apps your ads are being served on, you can upload block lists to prevent ads from appearing in specific places on the FAN (for example, specific publishers, websites, and apps). FAN is starting to show promise, as Facebook has been making a big push to make it a viable placement. Although not common, we sometimes see FAN as our top-performing placement, and we highly recommend testing it. For more information on the Facebook Audience Network, click here.

Instagram Feed

Instagram utilizes the same targeting as Facebook and can be built using any objective. Although Instagram is often referred to as a separate platform, it is listed under “Placements” in Facebook, and we utilize the same best practices for both Facebook and Instagram. Instagram typically sees higher CPCs than MNF, but higher CVRs. You should expect a lower reach on Instagram, particularly with Custom Audiences, relative to the Facebook News Feed. Newer placements—including Instant Articles and Sponsored Messages—are now available but don’t yet have high volume. We recommend Instant Articles only for pushing content, and Sponsored Messages only for an objective that aligns with sending users directly to a chat experience within Facebook. For more information on these placements, please click here (Instant Articles) and here (Sponsored Messages).


For more information on advertising on the platform, as well as strategies and tips from our Paid Social experts, download our updated Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

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