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Set Yourself up for Success on the Facebook Exchange

Published: December 27, 2012

Author: Caroline Watts

Since the public launch of the Facebook Exchange in fall 2012, advertisers have been lining up to get on one of the newest and most effective platforms in display. Virtually all of FBX’s approved partners have touted its performance, and story after story is reinforcing the effectiveness of this new channel.
Whether you’re a seasoned retargeting vet looking to expand your inventory or a frequent Facebook advertiser looking to get into retargeting, here are some strategies for getting your Facebook Exchange campaign off the ground:
I’m a retargeter. How do I break into FBX?
For those already seeing success with retargeting, Facebook Exchange is a natural extension and can be an incredibly effective supplement to a web-based site retargeting campaign. Think of it not as a new product, but as a new inventory source.
By and large, what works with traditional retargeting will be effective on the Facebook Exchange, with only a few important caveats. When launching your first campaigns, begin by replicating whatever has worked for you on the web. One obvious distinction is Facebook’s creative specs: instead of IAB standard banner sizes, Facebook uses small images (99×72 pixels) plus an external title and text box.
At ReTargeter, we were eager to test the Facebook Exchange with our own ads as soon as we gained access. As retargeting specialists, we are constantly running various retargeting campaigns, but our marketing team (particularly myself) was less familiar with Facebook advertising than with traditional display.
Given the limited real estate with Facebook ad images, we used a very simple image focused on our logo and dedicated the available text to our value proposition. Here’s one of our ads:
fbx ad retargeter
For us, this simple approach was very successful and led to high engagement and an extremely low cost per lead.
I’m a Facebook vet. How do I add FBX to the mix?
If you’re a veteran Facebook advertiser who’s considering retargeting, advertising on the Facebook Exchange could be a great starting point for you.
If you’re worried about bombarding your audience with both Facebook Marketplace ads and FBX ads, don’t be. Facebook has said that for most advertisers, the audience reachable through FBX (or traditional retargeting, for that matter) is distinct from the audience you can reach with interest-targeted Marketplace ads. In fact, according to Facebook, the overlap is often around 5% and sometimes even less. For Facebook Marketplace advertisers, this low rate means that adding FBX advertising into your marketing mix will not cannibalize your Marketplace audience, but rather help you reach an entirely new set of interested, relevant potential customers.
When it comes to launching a campaign, there are a few things to keep in mind. Unlike more top-of-the-funnel advertising, retargeting is exclusively for people who already know your brand. Keep that in mind when building your ads, and have a little fun with your creative.
Retargeting ads tend to perform better when they try to build on users’ existing knowledge of the brand rather than attempting to introduce the brand (which, for a retargeting campaign, is always unnecessary).
For our FBX campaign, we focused on our access to the Facebook Exchange. As you can see in the ad above, we directly call out our ability to advertise on Facebook while offering the opportunity to ‘advertise here.’ We’re assuming our retargeted users know we’re a retargeting company, but may not know much about FBX.
Advertising on the Facebook Exchange has proven incredibly successful for a wide variety of advertisers. Whether you’re new to Facebook or new to retargeting, expanding your online advertising to include FBX could yield impressive results.
– Caroline Watts

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