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How to Set Up Your Google Shopping Campaign(s)

Published: October 2, 2014

Author: Carson Van Gelder

As you all know, Google made the switch from their old Product Listing Ads campaign structure to their new Shopping campaigns last month. This post will show you how to make the most of your new Shopping campaigns and make the transition if you haven’t done so already.

Update your feed with proper attributes

The new Shopping campaigns will still pull from your old product feeds. That said, there are new attributes that you can add to your feed that will help differentiate products, allowing for optimal rotation. Different types of products require different attributes. This link will show you the summary of attribute requirements which is a great cheat sheet for updating your feed. For a more comprehensive list of all attributes and how to correctly label them, click on this link.
Thinking about running away from your computer? Don’t fret. There are a lot of attributes, but if you take the time to set you’re feed up the right way you’ll be thanking yourself later.

Build campaigns by priority

Now that your feed is up to date, it’s time to start thinking about how to build out your Shopping campaigns. I would suggest building out three separate campaigns as Google has a three-tier priority setting of high, medium, and low.

High Priority

This campaign is going to be your best sellers/high-AOV products that produce the best ROAS. Google will prioritize these products over other products if some of your feed attributes are similar to other products. Even if bids are lower in this campaign than the medium and low priority campaigns, Google will show these products more often. There’s no limit to how many products you can add to these campaigns, but for the high priority campaign I’d keep it limited. You can always move products from campaign to campaign if they are or aren’t reaching your goals.

Medium Priority

I set this campaign up with all of the products but broken up into different ad groups based on the main categories on the clients website or different brands if you’d like to go that route.

Low Priority

This campaign will be your catch-all. I set up an all-products ad group containing all of the products on the site. Set the campaign setting to low priority, and Google will prioritize the other campaigns over this one.

How to set up these campaigns

First you’ll need to add a new campaign. Click the + Campaign button at the campaign level and select the Shopping campaign.
You’ll then be directed to the campaign settings, where you’ll need to make sure the correct Merchant Identifier is selected. If you click on “Shopping Settings (advanced),” you’ll be able to select the priority of your campaigns (high, med, low). Set the rest of the settings as you see fit.
The best way to add products to your different ad groups is going to be through AdWords Editor. The upload is very similar to other search campaigns. You’ll need to be sure to update editor to the latest version, as the old version doesn’t have functionality for Shopping campaigns.
I’ve taken a screenshot of my Top Performers ad group in my high-priority campaign so that you can see how simple the upload is. The product group will be the Product ID from your product feed. Using those IDs, you’ll need to enter the following for upload:     * / Item ID=’whatever the product ID is’
Note: The spacing is necessary after the * and /.
Once you’ve built out your upload sheet, go to AdWords Editor and select the campaign you want to upload to, click on the targeting tab, and then click on product groups. Click on “update multiple product groups.” Click on the “my product group information below includes columns for campaign and ad group names.” Upload your build doc and click process. Just like all other campaigns, review your changes and post away.
Be sure to monitor the campaigns closely and make bid adjustments regularly. I’ve seen great results thus far with 25% increased CVR since launching the new structure. Cheers.

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