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Serve Up 5x the Content with Facebook’s Updated Multi-Product Ads

Published: January 19, 2015

Author: Juliana Nicholson

Winning ads deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. But what if you had the opportunity to offer up not just one message, but five?
We know by now that competition in the News Feed is fierce. By Facebook’s own calculations, the platform could serve users anywhere from 1,500 to 15,000 posts any time they log on. In reality, users see roughly 300 posts per day, making it virtually impossible for brands to reach users at scale without media support.
Even when brands pay to promote content, they’re not guaranteed to earn heavy exposure. Facebook ads have a frequency cap that limits exposure to twice a day for ads from Pages that users are not connected to, and four times per day for Pages that they are connected to.
Moral of the story?
Real estate in the News Feed is more valuable, and harder to come by, than ever.
Luckily, brands can now make more out of each valuable impression they earn by serving five different messages in the same in-feed ad unit. This opportunity comes courtesy of Facebook’s Multi-Product Ads.
First introduced in in June of 2014, and only available through advertising technology partners with Facebook API access, Multi-Product Ads (MPAs) were created to help advertisers get more ad content into the feed. MPAs originally offered advertisers the power to showcase three different products, with three different links, all at the same time. Thanks to recent updates, the number of products has increased to five.
And five products means advertisers can now be five times as likely to connect with their audience – if they put these ads to use correctly. While there’s no shortage of ways to use Facebook’s new and improved MPAs, here are a few thought starters:

Leverage Website Landing Pages

Place unique tracking pixels on key ecommerce landing pages. Categorically create separate Website Custom Audiences and subsequent multi-product ads for each of these product or service verticals. Adjust the targeting and featured products for each of these ads to reflect top sellers within that category, and the people most likely to shop for them.

Target Brand Advocates With A Variety of Lifestyle Products

Identify users who have an affinity for your brand, whether you target by Page fans, users from internal databases, or Facebook’s behavioral categories. Many of these users are more interested in your brand itself rather than any specific SKU, so show them a variety of your most popular products. Even if users haven’t specifically shopped for any of the promoted items in the past, they will be more likely to flip through (and click through) the multiple products presented in your ad.

Retarget With Recommended Products

Just like Amazon offers users suggested products based on their past transactions, you can re-target existing customers with items they are likely to buy in tandem with their original purchase. For example, a clothing company could serve coat-buyers with ads for gloves, hats, and scarves. Likewise, a home goods company could showcase spatulas, ladles, or whisks for people who had recently purchased new pots or pans.

Highlight Best Sellers

When targeting broader audiences, use multi-product ads that feature your top-performing items to draw users to your website where they can continue to browse. Once you’ve attracted people to your site using products with mass appeal, you can later reinforce more tailored messaging through WCA retargeting and promoted product Posts.
The jump from three to five products in Facebook’s Multi-Product Ads may not seem groundbreaking, but keep in mind that a little extra space really adds up. You’re earning a 66.6% increase in messaging real estate on one of the most competitive advertising platforms in the world.

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