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SEM By Numbers

Published: January 7, 2014

Author: Todd Mintz

The WhoThe Alpha-Beta Account Structure is likely the most important contribution that 3Q Digital has made to the SEM Knowledge Base. Many of our (and others) blog posts reference it…and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can download our white paper on the subject.
I know all 3Q Digital Accounts are managed via Alpha Beta (and I assume other agencies might have similar systems). What’s somewhat ironic is that some prospective clients have used Alpha Beta on their own AdWords accounts prior to engaging with our agency. In my time at 3Q, I’ve on-boarded 2 such clients, and it’s clear that even their self-implemented Alpha Beta had benefitted their accounts.
It was also clear that these clients realized they needed professional assistance to take their homegrown Alpha Beta campaigns to the next level in order to grow their business.
What’s not fully mentioned in our written materials is that Alpha Beta isn’t just a structure…but a fully actualized process.
When 3Q Digital takes over a new account, we recast it into the Alpha Beta Structure as outlined in our white paper. However, that’s only the first step.
To implement the potential of Alpha Beta requires the combined coordination of three different facets of our organization.
First, there are the account managers (such as myself). We are the mad scientists at 3Q most responsible for the technical implementation of Alpha Beta and all our other processes. However, clients need to realize that Alpha Beta isn’t the end of professional account management but only the beginning, and the artistic aspect of our job is to adopt our theories to different situations and market conditions.
Then, we have the Client Services Managers. As you might expect, the people are in charge of client communication and lead our weekly client meetings. However, there is plenty of interaction between Account Managers and Client Services Managers…our Client Service Managers are very account-savvy and our Account Managers are very capable communicators.
Finally, we have Production Managers who are in charge of producing reports and implementing the strategies created by the Account Managers & Client Services Managers. These folks are the engines that make our accounts run well because they produce extraordinarily actionable work product for both our agency as well as for the client. Also, their unique perspective on the accounts allows them to see and perceive issues and insights at the micro-level that enables the account managers to take action that improves account performance.
Both of the two self-managed accounts I ended up managing did fairly decent self-implementations of Alpha Beta. However, both of the people who were primarily involved in their creation had other responsibilities besides paid search, and even though they both knew PPC pretty well, it was extremely clear that important aspects of account optimization were missed. Also, both accounts would have benefitted from being touched by someone experienced in working in diverse business verticals…it is frequently true that being a stakeholder in a business clouds your ability to market it online in the most effective way. In both cases, we were able to quickly generate wins for the accounts that enabled the businesses to profit substantially.
In closing, we encourage everyone to download and read all of our white papers…not just the Alpha Beta one. We encourage you to ruminate upon and adopt our ideas and methodologies.  However, because 3Q Digital, as an organization, has baked our ideas and philosophies so deeply in our DNA, we think we do the best job at practicing our gospel.
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