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Saved target audiences save you time

Published: March 18, 2015

Author: Dennis Yu

You used to need Power Editor to create and use a saved target audience. But now you can use them when boosting posts straight from your timeline – super convenient.
And you can create saved audiences in any of the other three ad interfaces: timeline, Ads Manager, mobile Ads Manager, and Power Editor.
A saved target audience lets you bucket a number of interests or targets together.
My favorite use for saved target audiences is to make one with a bunch of workplace targets (for influence-the-influencer targets) and one with job title targets (for B2B lead gen). Sometimes I’ll create a saved target audience of related interests of customers – like a home-grown lookalike audience. For example, if I find that fans of Billy Graham convert well for my Christian e-book, I’d create a saved target audience with Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, and so forth.
Use the similar pages trick to quickly build a list of these pages to target, putting them into a saved target audience. When you have your saved target audiences in place, you won’t have to manually add in interests over and over when creating ad sets.
Saved audiences complement the two other types of audiences you can make: custom audiences (your website visitors and email list mainly) and lookalike audiences (Facebook generates these).
With all three audiences properly in place, you can boost posts right from the timeline and using the new mobile iOS Ads Manager app.
Note that you cannot use saved audiences right now in Ads Manager. You have to boost from the timeline or use Power Editor for this.
Hope that saved you some time – and more importantly, gave you some killer ROI! What are your favorite combos for saved target audiences?

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