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Running UAC Campaigns? Put These Two Tips in Play

Published: May 24, 2018

Author: Jessie Quinn

If you’re running Google’s Universal App Campaigns and follow this blog regularly, you’re already putting our creative best practices into play. But we’re uncovered a couple of other ROI-friendly insights in running UAC for our clients. Put these to the test!

Get creative with ad testing

Google’s already very good at optimizing for the best ad copy (and labeling the others as “Low” performers), so play with different strategies. One that we’ve found effective is inputting four different versions (25 characters max) that can work independently as well as together, as seen in the column on the left below:

Google helpfully provides a ranking for your text; stick with your best and play around with the others (making sure the copy plays well together) until you can find some winners. Eventually, you’ll get something that looks like these combinations:

Get smarter with geo-segments

Marketers looooove to segment, but when you’re targeting multiple geos, it’s advisable to not over-segment at the start. Keeping bigger segments allows Google to optimize with more data, which is always preferable.
That said, you should absolutely look for opportunities to isolate geos in separate campaigns when performance data dictates. For example, we saw that Australia and New Zealand were performing well in terms of CVR and CPA but were receiving low spend. Isolating these geos gave us more control over this.
Another best practice for geos with multiple languages is to separate each language into its own campaign and to exclude other languages from those campaigns. For example: If a client would like to target France with both French and English ads, the way to do this would be to create two campaigns, one targeting users who have their browsers set to English and one targeting those who have them set to French. The French campaign would serve the French ads and have English excluded at the campaign settings, and vice versa.
What other tips do you have for optimizing UAC? Drop a comment!

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