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Remote Work Isn’t Remote Work

Published: September 10, 2014

Author: Todd Mintz

We’re definitely in hiring mode @ 3QDigital, and I’ve been promised this if my blog post leads to any new employees, my employer will purchase for me the following items:
image003 image001image005
Please click this link to see our job openings. Go ahead…I’ll wait :.)
Do you see where the jobs are located? Go ahead and ignore that part (for between you and me, I wouldn’t live in California or Chicago either… I’ve heard that Vermont is pretty nice, though the Eastern Time Zone is a killer for Northwest Sports Fans). We still want to talk to you.
Why? Because, our company openly acknowledges that much of our rocket-fueled growth came from the contributions of remote employees, of which I was the first, and we’d like to welcome more senior remote folks to our organization.
Within 3Q, there are 7 Search “Teams”. Several of the remote workers have been placed on one particular team headed by a Canadian and featuring 2 Michigan folks and one Oregonian (myself). We might be physically “remote,” but we compensate for this by having a much higher level of communication not only amongst ourselves but with our clients who we are able to see on an infrequent basis.
Why am I sharing this with you? After all, we’d love to keep one of our competitive advantages in the marketplace, which is hiring the best people (no matter their locale) who value the home office environment.
Digital Marketing is omnipresent. The ubiquity of our industry lies in sharp contrast to the scarcity of talent. Companies who won’t let their employees work outside their employment “box” aren’t likely to offer the “out of box” thinking that clients demand and prize.
Furthermore, the best digital markers aren’t technicians…they’re creatives with an overlay of technical skill. We believe the daily routine of parking oneself in the same place every day not only detracts from client productivity but stifles the processes leading to the ideas that help our clients accelerate their corporate ROI.
The war for experienced digital talent is really fierce. Employers bemoan the fact that they can’t staff adequately. However, many are still making precious few concessions to the fact that we’re almost 15 years into the 21st century and that the advances in technology has flipped the whole work world on its ear, making the notion of a permanently fixed work environment extinct.
Many technology companies have spent a fortune on their workspaces. I’ve been hosted at the exceptionally beautiful AirBnB headquarters by my good friend Dennis Goedegebuure, and I think the place is pretty darned slick. Yet, I do find it ironic that the company has spent so lavishly on its offices when its core offering is “Home Away From Home,” and I have no doubt that many digital markers would prefer their own home to any forced substitute.
If you’re a digital marketer and if anything I’ve written resonates with you, we’d love to talk to you about career possibilities. If you employ digital marketers and you forbid remote working relationships, you should consider getting your head out of your…butt.

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