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Quick-Start Guide to Promoted Posts

Published: August 30, 2012

Author: Lisa Raehsler

According to Facebook, only 30% of your friends or fans see your Timeline posts considering the time they are logging on, volume of posts at the time, etc. What a disappointment considering all of the work you put into it, right?
Of course, Facebook has an advertising answer to this: Promoted Posts, which are simply ads made from recent posts to your Facebook page.
FB promoted post
A few advantages are clear:
– Promoted posts are seen by more people than would normally see it.
– No need for new creative – this is a quick and easy way to create ads and amplify your message to fans.
– Since your post will be seen by more of your fans, it also offers additional reach to the friends of people who interact with your post.
There are six different types of posts that can be promoted: text, links, photo, video, event, or question.  According to Facebook, the best-performing ads include a photo or video.
promoted post example
When considering promoting a post, be sure to choose solid, engaging content. Promoted Post Ads will only include the first 90 characters from your post, so draft your post appropriately with the most important text first. The remainder will be truncated, with a click on the truncation opening up the full post.
The implementation of the ad can be accomplished either in the advertising interface or in the post’s sharing tool. Once the post has been selected to run, the standard Audience Targeting applies so you can further target the post to location, interests, connections, and more. The ads will appear in the regular news feed and will be marked as “sponsored.”
Uses of the promoted posts are limited only by imagination, but best applications would include:
– Announce product release or event
– Drive brand awareness
– Promote video views
– Drive engagement on a topic
Tips for great promoted posts:
– Plan ahead and coordinate with editorial schedule to select best messaging; you’ll want people who click through to get a consistent experience with your product, brand, etc.
– Choose engaging content likely to be shared rather than simple updates
– Use an eye-catching image to draw attention
– Connect messaging with your brand so fans see the “inside story”
– Vary the type of post from links, text, photo to avoid ad fatigue
– Experiment with audience targeting on posts
Promoted posts are a quick and simple way to supplement your current Facebook marketing plan. Since results will vary, planning ahead with different approaches and ad types will be key to making this ad type successful.
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