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Beginner's guide to Facebook app ads

Published: June 13, 2013

Author: Ryan Pitylak

Today’s post is by CEO of Unique Influence.
Recently I wrote about the immediate opportunity for savvy mobile app advertisers to generate serious ROI by advertising on Facebook.
By following these steps, you’ll be able to replicate the success we have for our mobile app clients.
Get set up on Facebook:
– Integrate the Facebook SDK into your app.
– Get your app approved by the Facebook team.
Set up your targets:
– Develop a list of your competitors. People who like your competitors will be obvious choices and will make your best targets. For most companies, your competitors won’t represent interest groups large enough.
– To grow your interest target list, think of additional brands your ideal customers would like. Developing compelling affinity brands can be a rewarding challenge. If you’re a business app, think of the other apps the person might have on their phone, the applications they would use on their computer, and the brands that represent their interests. For example, an innovative car rental company would have a strong affinity with brands like Audi and Virgin.
– Group your interest groups into sets of 500K people or more.
– Additionally, build a lookalike audience based on your current customers.
Example of an ad that follows best practices:
app ad facebook
Develop your ad concepts:
– Create several versions of the image for use in your ads.  The best images use actual photography from your business or art from your app or game – do not use stock photography.  Create these images in a 600×360 format. Limit text in the image to less than 20% of the image (white space does not count toward image dimensions).
– In the text area, describe your app in 75 characters or less. Make sure this copy if very compelling. Create several versions text to test. Include a direct call to action, such as “Download Now” so the person is compelled to download the app. Include an incentive to download if you have one.
– Develop ads with the various image and text combinations.
Create and run your campaigns:
– Create a unique campaign for each of the ad concepts and interest groups. Narrow down your ads to your targeted demographic profiles (age and gender).
– Launch these campaigns using Facebook’s optimized CPM feature. Optimize for installs.
– Depending on whether you’re using a tool that reports back revenue, pause underperforming ads based on their ROI (Return on Investment) or CPI (Cost Per Install).
– Run successive rounds of expansion and optimization based on your top performing campaigns. Expect to optimize every day and spend considerable time analyzing results and considering additional opportunities for growth.
This may sound like it requires a lot of work and expertise to do well. Many companies hire an agency to do this work, but if you decide to go it alone, you now have a clear roadmap of activities for building and optimizing a high-performance Facebook app advertising program.
ryan pitylak unique influence– Ryan Pitylak, CEO of Unique Influence, has spent the past 14 years helping startups gain awareness of new products and services. He focuses on generating customers for high-velocity startups and other innovative companies with a rigorous data-driven approach that identifies and solves the conversion gap, efficiently delivering the right high-impact customers by developing cross-channel marketing success. 

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