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The Power of Boosted Facebook Posts for Direct Response

Published: September 19, 2017

Author: Angela Bradley

When building any Facebook acquisition campaign, every marketer has their main checklists of best practices. Use clear and concise ad copy, have a strong call-to-action, and be upfront with what you ultimately want: a conversion. Whether it’s a signup, purchase, or form fill, our main goal is to get a direct response.
However, a common oversight in acquisition campaigns is the failure to use your most engaging organic post in your ad rotation. (If you’ve never boosted an organic post, you can find a great how-to here.) When using boosted posts in some of our own accounts, the results have been phenomenal:

  • CTR improved 82% month-over-month
  • CPA improved 60% month-over-month
  • Conversion volume increased 145% month-over-month

In addition to the improvements in the KPIs above, the following are some of the factors that contributed to the overall success:

The Content Appears Native & Natural

One great attribute when boosting an organic post/blog, is the fact that it doesn’t look like an ad. Because of this, Facebook users are more likely to click-through or interact with the content. Rolling this out across our top performing ad sets, we saw an instant boost in conversion volume at a lower CPA, in addition to a large boost in brand conversions.

Shares Increase Organic Reach

Another benefit of boosted posts is the boost in organic reach due to shares. When content is engaging and relevant to end users, they may be encouraged to share it with their friends. The best part about this is, you aren’t charged for this “organic” boost in impressions. As a result of this, we saw a large improvement in our CPC, which allowed us to scale conversion volume and improve overall CPA!

Social Proof Elevates Credibility

Finally, with a boosted post, users are encouraged to engage with the content, which typically leads to a boost in social proof from comments, reactions, and shares. The best benefit about social proof is that it build a post’s credibility, which lends momentum for more engagement. However, be sure to keep an eye on the comments section, as negative comments can actually work against you.
As you can see, leveraging boosted posts in your Facebook strategy can improve performance dramatically. Given our boost in performance above, this will be a strategy we leverage for long-term success.

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