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Playing Catch-Up

Published: October 5, 2011

Author: Hillary Read

Late in 2010, I was browsing one of the leading SEM content sites and ran across a post listing the 10 things every search marketer MUST be doing in order to be successful in 2011. A year and dozens of new trends later, I can hardly remember what was on the list. What I do remember was the satisfaction I felt when I realized our team was already doing all of these things for our clients. This was followed by the realization that, while I felt good about our business, I really had not learned anything new.
While this blog will be focused on SEM‘s role in B2B sales and marketing (and that I am fiercely proud of our team’s work at PPCA), this anecdote was not meant to sell you on our greatness. Rather, it was to highlight the greatest flaw in SEM blogging – the content is way behind the strategy. Sure, it takes some time to test out cutting-edge techniques, but I am always amazed by how useless the content can be. With the exception of a few authors who only post when they have something useful to say, the rest is recycle and post for volume. Let’s change that.
So what can you expect? For one, a little B2B love. Bridging the gap between sales and marketing is too important not to write about. I put in my time on lead qual teams, and while cranking out 150 calls a day was not my idea of fun, everything else about lead gen is. I feel for sales teams stuck with bad leads at the end of the quarter and even more so for the marketers who think they are driving quality. SEM allows for incredible transparency. Here’s hoping the insights you are gathering are not getting lost on their way to SalesForce. Let’s change that too.
Here’s hoping I don’t turn into one of those boring volume bloggers. If I run out good SEM topics, I’ll whine about Cal football — just good enough to get our hopes up but never enough to get us to the big time. Let’s definitely change that.
Sean Marshall, Director of Search Engine Marketing, PPC Associates
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