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Pivot and Win with TrueView for Action: A Case Study

Published: July 22, 2020

Author: Tom Leonard

YouTube is not a one-size-fits-all channel, and YouTube’s TrueView for Action is not a one-size-fits-all product. While the product was built specifically for performance advertisers looking to run DR campaigns on YouTube, we’ve leveraged TV4A within multiple branding campaigns to drive maximum impact for our clients.
In this blog, I’d like to explain how we leveraged TV4A within a branding campaign for a retail client. The goal of our campaign was to reach our core audiences across YouTube with a brand message and measure the impact of our reach through YouTube’s Brand Lift Study tool.
In Phase 1 of the campaign, we gathered nearly 40,000 surveys, which allowed us to slice and dice the data to understand our impact on subsets of our audience including age, gender, and parental status. This revealed key insights – specifically, segments to double down on and segments that required another strategic approach – that fueled subsequent phases of the campaign.
One of the segments we had to reconsider was people aged 55+. This group already represents a major shopping cohort of the brand, and we found, through our Brand Lift Study, that its users had an extremely high propensity to buy from the brand (as measured through the Brand Consideration question in our BLS). Because of this high baseline, exposure to branding ads did not drive a measurable increase in their consideration to buy from the brand. While the ads were remembered (measured by Ad Recall lift) and likely played a long-term impact on keeping them as active shoppers of the client’s brand, we wanted to take things to the next level with this audience.
Instead of continuing to reach these users with our ads optimized towards driving an efficient CPM, we shifted our approach to focus on driving them to the site with TrueView for Action. Because this group was already considering buying from the brand, we wanted to make it clear to this cohort that the brand site was just a click away. Our TrueView for Action campaign targeting this group drove a CTR 83% higher than our other campaigns and, more importantly, increased sessions driven from this segment of the branding campaign, a secondary KPI to reach. With TrueView for Action, we drove new users to the site twice as efficiently than with our reach-based buying segments.
Maximizing reach against our audience is imperative within branding campaigns, but by leveraging tools like BLS 2.0 to understand which of our segments are responding best (and not so well) to our creatives, and being strategic in what each segment of our campaign optimizes towards, we can pivot our strategy to maximize impact and drive the best outcomes for our clients. 

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