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Part II: Holistic Facebook Marketing & Advertising: Merging Marketplace & FBX for Improved DR

Published: March 8, 2013

Author: Chris Knoch

Welcome back for part two of our holistic Facebook marketing and advertising series. (If you missed the first post, please check it out. We’ll wait for you.)
Quick Recap (for those of you who still didn’t go read the last post):
So in part 1, we built a content creation framework:
fb content creation
Now we’ll show you how to use it to get DR results across the spectrum of various Facebook marketing options.
At this point, we have a more disciplined and focused approach to both the type of content and the cadence with which we create it. We also have mapped that content creation back to more concrete and trackable DR goals (BTW, did you know spellcheck doesn’t like the word “trackable”). Finally, we’ve started using more socially engaging Marketplace ad types to amplify socially engaging messages to specific audience types, and to get them to engage at levels not possible relying on organic engagement alone. So now…

Identify & Tag Your Audience

Not only did thinking about our content creation strategy help us build the right kind of content with the right cadence and goals, but it also has now given us a framework to start tracking which types of content are engaging which fans. But first a quick note on tracking challenges in Facebook…
As many of us already know, you cannot cookie your audience based on the types of People Talking About This (PTAT) activity your posted content creates on your Facebook Page. So while you may be creating highly engaging content, if all interaction stays on Facebook, you will not be able to tag and silo the types of users hitting which types of content.
This challenge is why we needed our own environment for posting (e.g. our blog).  By getting our audience to click on the posted content and visit our site, we now have a way to tag them. This is huge for FBX.
Why is it huge for FBX? Well, for those of you who don’t know, FBX is a display remarketing solution. This means that in order to hit people up with FBX ads, you must have already identified them as an audience that you want to remarket to. The easiest way to do this is to cookie visitors, and silo them by the types of content with which they are engaging.
So by having our content on our own environment, and funneling our Facebook fans to that environment, we now have the ability to cookie them for our remarketing pools.

Focusing FBX Remarketing on the Right Audiences

With remarketing solutions like FBX, we can start building up different audience profiles based on what types of content the visitors are consuming. In our example above, we may have an audience that disproportionately engages with our content created for our “Active Home Buyers” audience.
With this capability, not only can we get better about targeting the right kind of FBX ads and offers (don’t forget good landing pages!), but we can get more efficient with our spend. Rather than a scattershot approach to remarketing (“HIT ALL VISITORS WITH ALL OUR ADS NOW!!!” screamed no good online marketing professional, ever), we can now be more disciplined and focus our ad spend on the tighter, more responsive audiences.
We can even take it one step further with the right types of audience tracking solutions in play. For example, with the IgnitionOne Live Marketing system (see below), we are able to see visitors to the site in real time, and track their segment interests. Or in the case of our example, we could know if the individual person we’re about to remarket to on FBX is more engaged with “Aspirational”, “Active”, or “Existing” content, as well as whether she has been engaging with a disproportionate amount of “DR Content” we’ve been posting. Furthermore, we can also use the engagement score (highlighted by the orange box below), to figure out how engaged this visitor is.

Click on Screen Capture for Larger Version
In fact, with this setup, we now have the ability to identify different audiences based on the type of content they are consuming and promote more of the content on our page via Sponsored Stories to grow the audiences that match our goals.
Then, we use FBX remarketing to hit the right audience, at the right time, with the right message based on their interests, and even bid more aggressively on the RTB exchange for the more engaged members of that audience.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is one of the most undervalued and underutilized components of online marketing. Just ask yourself how much time and money your organization spends on optimizing offsite media expenses and messages vs. optimizing your onsite content creation and conversion efforts. If you’re like most organizations, that delta could be uncomfortably high.
So, once you’ve paid to bring individual audience members back to your site, you can leverage a combination of Landing Page optimization tools (never stop testing) and real-time offers (contact me directly if you want to learn more about this) to up the conversion rates on your visits.
Working with our current example, we need to make sure that we are constantly testing for better and better iterations of our DR landing page for our FBX remarketing efforts. If you’re not running a test right now, go start. Also, we should be utilizing a real-time offer system that knows which visitors are the most engaged and over the threshold of being likely to convert, and hits them up with a compelling offer in real time. (Imagine in this example a subtle pop-under with $500 credit towards closing costs.)
This is yet another way your marketing team can ratchet up the DR results. And if you’re doing all of the things we’ve described, you now have a much more disciplined approach to squeezing DR revenue out of your Facebook audience.
Author’s Note: Does anyone else think this is awesome? Because I seriously think this is awesome, but I’m also willing to accept that I’m a HUGE nerd because I think this is so awesome.
Part III of this series will deal with a few more housekeeping items to ensure we don’t suffer from too much tunnel vision on Facebook capabilities, or ignore some of the other options out there (like Mobile).
Happy optimizing!
– Chris Knoch

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