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Our Vermont Office – All About Community

Published: August 28, 2015

Author: Charlotte Haab

Vermont is a hard place to understand for people who don’t know it. It is a very small place. Everyone knows everyone else. The people are a mix of urban creatives, farmers, hippies, Tri State-area transplants, thrill-seekers, 1-percenters and Bernie Sanders supporters. Although we are all so different, we all have one thing in common, and that’s pride for our home state. It’s what fosters an undeniable sense of community and camaraderie among complete strangers. As an office, located right in the heart of downtown Burlington, our culture mimics that of our home state.
A few things about the Vermont office…
First, we like to party. Amongst ourselves, with others in our building, down at the waterfront – it doesn’t matter. The VT office is always down for a good time. Burlington is an epicenter for craft brews, ciders, booze and food, so naturally, when we’re not at our desks – and sometimes even when we are – you can find us sipping, or noshing, on many of Vermont’s fine local offerings.
BTV party
When we’re not at the bars, throwing building-wide parties, or picnicking by the lake, we like to spend our perks money on quarterly massages, ski outings, aerial yoga, or on donations to local charities.
BTV yoga
Second, although we’re small, we pack a punch when it comes to personality. As a whole the Vermont office could be described as kind of a mix of quiet, boisterous, outdoorsy, fashionista, yogi-vegan, coffee-addicts. Our morning conversations range from politics, to The Bachelorette, to which side-of-the-road snack shack has the best Vermont Maple creemee – that’s soft serve ice cream, for you flatlanders.
Next, we all work hard. We come in early and we leave late. With all those extra hours between us, a Nespresso machine was pretty much a necessity. Whether it’s cranking out production tasks, or managing persistent clients, everyone here is always willing to help one another with whatever it may be. In an eight-person (and growing!) office it’s really easy to stay accountable, remain collaborative, and to stick to an all-around high standard of work.
Lastly, just like we take pride in where we live, we take pride in where we work. Although, it’s no Silicon Valley, Burlington is becoming its own little startup/tech hub, and I think it’s safe to say we are all proud to be a part of that community. Thanks to Hillary, we are always well outfitted in the latest 3Q swag.  Plus, our stockpile of 3Q branded blankets keeps us warm on those -20 degree days in the winter – it gets cold up here!
To conclude, the Vermont office is awesome. We really have the best of both worlds here – a Silicon Valley job, but with all the serenity, nature, and small-town charm that living in Burlington has to offer. We all love to have fun, whether it’s at the bar, on the slopes, or exploring everything that our home state has to offer, yet we still prioritize high quality work and smart collaboration. Vermont may be small – but hey – so are we!

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