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Our secret to getting cheap fans just expired

Published: December 4, 2012

Author: Dennis Yu

Facebook keeps changing stuff on us.
Remember when Page Post ads in the newsfeed used to have a big “LIKE PAGE” button on the bottom just a week ago?
page post ad like
Now only Page Like stories have the big “LIKE PAGE” button below:
page like story facebook
The key in Page Post ads was that huge LIKE PAGE button at the bottom. You could run an ad that said “Like” this if you think <whatever> is awesome! and people would click LIKE PAGE because LIKE POST was not an option.
So we were getting page likes for the price of a post like.
This was even true five years ago, where we could say “Like bacon?” in a traditional ad and get fans for a fraction of a penny. You can still get fans for pennies in certain countries, by the way.
You’ll still get some fans from Page Post ads, but mostly the actions will be photo views and link clicks. (If anyone is able to get more than 20% of their actions to be page likes in their page post ads, let me know!)
So what’s next? Well, I think it’s a combination of search ads (called sponsored results) and then Custom Audience Targeting. More on this later, while I go lick my wounds.
– Dennis Yu

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