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4 tips to optimize your Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) campaigns

Published: June 25, 2015

Author: Ryan Fiore

If you’ve been lucky enough to tread the murky waters of a Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) advertising campaign, you’re likely looking for ways to cut your CPA.  GSP budgets are often large and contain a very important marketing initiative, which increases the stress level for an advertiser.
GSPs are like a rollercoaster of emotions and require more attention than the average advertisement campaign.  Don’t worry, the 3Q team is here to help!  Grab yourself a Red Bull, pull up a chair, and steal a nugget for your GSP campaign by using these four GSP optimization tips.

1.    Use Exclusions

When there is an opportunity to cut wasted ad spend, this should be music to the ears of any advertiser.  If your GSP campaign is not using topic, domain, and keyword exclusions, you’re wasting ad spend.  You can prevent irrelevant or unqualified traffic from ever seeing your GSPs.  Similar to the site category exclusions found on the Google Display Network (those 404 error pages, yikes), GSPs require exclusions as well.
Google Display Network Exclusions
GSP Exclusions
Do you see the similarity between the Google Display Network exclusions? Here is your chance to trim the fat with applicable exclusions for your GSP campaign. We’re confident that you will know exactly what to do from here!

2.    Take Advantage of Domain Targeting

Utilizing the domain targeting feature for GSPs can be powerful and can often drive great ROI.  This GSP targeting feature is again very similar to a “placement” targeting found on the Google Display Network.  Use the Display Planner tool to compile a list of applicable domains to target for your GSPs.
Be sure to select “Placements,” under the individual targeting ideas navigation tab.  Next, select the domains you wish to target and add them to your plan. You now have the ability to export this domain as a .csv file.  Open the file and then copy/paste these domains into the GSP domain targeting of your campaign.

3.    Target Competitor Domains

It’s probably safe to say that if you are running GSPs, that you are probably engaged in paid search.  Any competitor domain you’re targeting within a paid search campaign should also be targeted in your GSP campaign. Common best practice is running a limited competitor-based GSP campaign where you are targeting your competitor’s domain to help drive traffic volume.  Export the destination URLs of your ads from your competitor paid search campaign.  The root domains of your export can now be used to domain target on your GSP campaign.

4.    Use Video!

Don’t forget about the video content that is collecting dust on your YouTube channel.  Video media has some of the highest engagement rate of any content found on GSP ad creative.  Now it’s time to find the embed code from your YouTube channel to embed within your GSP creatives. Click the “Share” icon, then the embed tab, and you can now find the iframe embed code.  It is important to make sure that your embed code width and height pixels match the size and formats required for your GSP campaign.
Hopefully by now the Red Bull you starting drinking prior to reading this article has kicked in!  Here is the chance to wow your boss or client.  Including a YouTube video in your GSP creative unlocks some additional data.  To find this hidden data requires a few steps within the native YouTube channel UI.  Once logged into your YouTube channel, click the logo icon in the top right of your browser. Find the gear symbol next to your profile and click the gear.
The following screen will give you an account settings drop down which you can select.  Find the “overview” tab and then select the “view additional features” blue link.
You now have the ability to leverage the YouTube video Analytics found within the native YouTube channel UI. You can segment by source and filter for GSP’s, while looking metrics you might not have even seen before.
The new reports that you can provide to your boss or client will make you looks like a GSP wizard! We at 3Q believe that you can never have too much data, and you probably feel the same way too.  Hopefully your future GSP campaign performs through the roof and you can leverage this into the promotion that you deserve!

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