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New Feature Breakdown: LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences Targeting

Published: July 19, 2017

Author: Carolanne Hornung

Late in April of this year, LinkedIn rolled out their new Matched Audiences targeting feature. With Matched Audiences, you’re able to not only retarget your website visitors, but upload and match your own first-party data with LinkedIn’s network as well. In this blog post, we’re going through the how-to’s of LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences.
To retarget your website visitors, you’ll first need to create and place an insight tag on your website. If you need help adding your insight tag to your site, LinkedIn has an easy how-to guide you can read here. If you’ve already created and placed your insight tag, you can skip this step.

To create audiences for retargeting, you’ll have to choose how you want to segment your audiences. If you want to target users who have been to any part of your website, your targeting would look similar to this:

If you’re looking to target people who have hit certain pages on your site, your targeting will look like this:

If you’re looking to target users based on your own data lists (for example emails or company names), you’re going to use the “uploaded list audiences” section of Matched Audiences. With this feature, you have the option to connect to data integration platforms or upload a single list file.
To target users based on a list of emails, you will need to upload a list and match based on a list of contacts. The CSV list you upload will need to contain all emails in the first column only, each email in its own cell, with the row header labeled as “email”. The minimum list requirement is around 300 emails, with a maximum of 300,000. Lists take around 48 hours to fully populate. We’ve noticed that LinkedIn tends to have a much higher match rate than other platforms.
To target users based on a list of company names, you will upload a list and match based on a list of accounts. Similarly to the contacts list, the file will need to be a CSV, have at least 300 company names, and a maximum of 300,000. Your file should contain only company names in the first column, under the row header labeled as “companyname”. Expect the list to take around 48 hours to fully populate.
Once your lists are fully populated, they’ll appear as this:
Your match rate and audience size will appear, and you will have the option to edit the name.
When you’re ready to use these audiences in a campaign, you will have the option to choose them in the audience section of campaign creation. At the top of the audience page, you will see these options:
Not only do you have the option to target multiple retargeting lists or uploaded lists at once, you have the option to exclude certain lists as well. This means you’re able to upload lists of current colleagues, customers, competitors, etc., and exclude them from seeing your ads.
Have you used LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences features before? Let us know how your campaigns performed!

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