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New client? Follow this checklist to start with a bang

Published: November 21, 2014

Author: Erika McCarthy

I recently onboarded a new client here at 3Q (#excitingtimes), and during the onboard process, I jotted down some tips and tricks to remember when getting started. Enjoy!

1.    Google your client and C-level executives.

This will not only give you a sense of the who, what, and when; it will also provide you with an idea of how the press is talking about your client.

-Are there other brands that are often associated with your clients?

-How does the CEO talk about the brand?

-How are customers talking about your client on social media?

-Look for and note user experience issues.

-Review the sitemap for questions regarding your account build

-How does your client “categorize” their offerings?

-Seek out potential ad copy, landing pages, and opportunities to expand the account.

2.    Perform an exhaustive review of the website. Read everything – yes, everything.

3.    Go through all micro and macro conversions on your desktop, tablet and mobile.

Even when your client has a responsive site, you can find issues such as CTAs below the fold, and page content not rendering in a user-friendly way.

-Go through the checkout process and ask: what opportunity is there for improvement?

-Audit their existing account. I won’t go into full detail here, but here are a few items that I find often go unnoticed: automated rules and components of the Shared Library such as campaign placement exclusions. If you see something odd, like ads only running for four hours on Saturday, ask. There may be business decisions or outdated policies in play.

-Select landing pages. Use the Google search function to quickly search for content within your client’s site that is most relevant to the keyword and ad.

-Build a road map. You are going to have a big to-do list when your review is complete. You can’t do everything all at once, nor would that be advisable for the account. So, build a roadmap and share it with your client.

What are some of your favorite onboarding tips? Leave a comment!

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