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Hallelujah! AdWords for Video Gets a Great New Editing Tool

Published: October 14, 2013

Author: Melissa Kowalke

For those who promote videos through the AdWords for Video UI, you are well aware of its cumbersome functionality when uploading new videos, adjusting bids, or just navigating through different campaigns or tabs. We’ve been told for many months that there was an editing tool in the works – and it finally debuted (at least in one of our accounts) Thursday night.
The editor tool can be found on the campaigns, ads, videos and targets tabs. It looks like this:

 Adwords For Video Tool

Here’s an overview of how it works from Google. If you don’t want to read the nitty-gritty, here are the main takeaways:
What you can add as new:
–        Campaign
–        Ads
–        Targeting Groups and Targets (Negs, too)
–        Negative Campaign Targets
What you can edit:
–        Campaign (Settings)
–        Ads (the status, any other change deletes and replaces, like usual)
–        Targeting Groups and Targets
What you can delete:
–        Campaign
–        Targets (negs, too)
What you can replace:
–        Ads
You can also download stats with your data, which is helpful for adjusting budgets and bids. To get a better idea of how to re-upload your file once changes have been made, download a template from the bulk tool. (Note that files must be in csv or txt to upload.)
What still needs work:
Unfortunately, if one of your problems with the UI is that you have too many active campaigns/targets and the data is truncated when you download reports, this error still applies. You will have to determine what has or hasn’t been downloaded with vlookup, then go back in and pull separately. Our reps have the same issue pulling data internally, but they say it’s on the product roadmap to increase the data limit. (Which translates roughly to: “Don’t hold your breath.”)

Tips for creating error-free uploads:

I’ve tested out the tool for both target group bid adjustments and new campaign builds and haven’t run into any issues yet. However, after working with the program for the past couple of days, I’ve got some tips on creating error-free uploads:

  • Download the column reference spreadsheet and double check that your file follows the same naming conventions and format. The great thing about the bulk editor tool is that you really can upload just about any kind of video data. However, the column names are not all intuitive, and must be listed exactly as listed, otherwise the tool will be unable to read your data correctly.
    • Ex: Start/End dates must be displayed as YY-MM-DD. Any other form will result in an error.
    • Ex: In-Search keywords must be listed as YouTube keyword, not Keyword.
  • If data already exists (campaigns, ads, targeting groups and targets), the unique ID associated with the data must also be included. Note: The ID will be included when you download data from the bulk tool.
  • Use #na for values that do not exist for a certain type of data. These are noted in the column reference spreadsheet.
    • Ex: Include #na for the companion banner value, when uploading In-Search and In-Display ads.

Overall, this is a huge advancement that will change the way advertisers can scale and optimize video campaigns…and of course a lot less wasted hours of painstaking uploads and adjustments.
It’s been a long time coming! Our 3Q Digital YouTube teams feel like this:

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