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New and Improved Household Income Targeting: Give It a Try

Published: July 10, 2018

Author: Trevor Morrissey

For the longest time, utilizing household income data in AdWords was not the easiest thing in the world. The feature lived in the locations section and was always an outcast in the AdWords world. Not only was there no way to easily make edits in a bulk fashion, but the system also wasn’t set up to allow for HHI and geographic bid adjustment. It was one or the other, making incorporating into your overall strategy a difficult task.
But times have changed! The new AdWords interface is hip and with it, as household income now lives in the Demographics section as its own section. This offers a big opportunity for companies to ensure that each dollar is being spent wisely, potentially trimming down or boosting bids on household incomes dependent upon performance.

In order to view HHI data for your campaigns, you’ll want to navigate to the new interface, looking for ‘demographics’ on the left-hand nav bar and then ‘household income’ across the top once you’re in the demographics section.

One question we’ve seen a bunch with HHI is, where does the data come from? The answer is that it’s sourced from census data at the zip code level, which means that it includes households from different HHI ranges and is more of a representation of the whole.

Implementation Need-to-Knows

  • You can now bulk-edit in AdWords Editor! HHI lives in the Keywords and targeting section.

  • In order to have the items appear in Editor, you’ll need to place a +0% adjustment to have Google recognize them as line items.
  • Unfortunately, these audiences don’t exist at the campaign level, so they have to be implemented at the ad group.
  • You can, however, exclude household incomes at the campaign level.

It is a no-brainer to at least navigate to the new AdWords interface and review the data that is already populating there. Whether or not what you’re advertising is highly income-dependent, household incomes are now included in the limited number of levers where data is aggregated for optimization. Take a peek and see if there’s a way that you can bid smarter from an audience perspective!

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