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My PPC Dating Profile

Published: July 15, 2015

Author: Todd Mintz

Not that long ago, an industry acquaintance whom I’ve known for a while quite seriously asked on Facebook if anybody were interested in dating her.  Her post spurred a lively discussion…some serious and some humorous (including my stating that I wanted to date her but my wife wouldn’t let me).  But, thinking about what she did led me to think about what my professional “dating” profile would be.  Sure, I have a LinkedIn page that talks about my career, but it lacks the persona aspects of a serious dating profile.  So, I’m using this post as an effort to show my professional availability to clients in the marketplace (and BTW, if you and I aren’t compatible, we have other account managers who are).
Account Preference:  B2B.  I have very deep and extensive experience with Enterprise-level B2B clients with large budgets and diverse offerings.  Nearly all of my B2C clients were also focused on lead generation.  By contrast, I’ve never managed a true e-commerce account and have never worked with a product feed.   At this stage in my PPC Career, asking me to manage e-commerce would be like asking for a Bud Light at an Oregon Brewpub #thehorrorthehorror.
Account Management Style:  Creative / Experimental.  On the one hand, I follow our most effective Alpha Beta Process because it leads to the best results for the clients.  However, I view Alpha Beta as the introductory step on the journey, not the end destination, and I will throw in a ton of creativity, tinkering & experimentation because that’s how I roll and this is how I learn what I need to do to best serve my clients.  If you don’t want your account manager to be a campaign tweaker, you should look elsewhere.
Meeting Style:  Conversational.  Sure, I create agendas to productively guide the meeting.  However, I aim for client calls to be extended discourses that touch upon the agenda points at whatever depth necessary – yet with an understanding that our journey to each of these points might be somewhat circuitous with sometime unplanned yet productive details.  If a prospective client likes rigid formalism, I would not be a good match.
Written Communication:  Text-heavy.  My client agendas are all text save for the necessary screenshots.  I don’t do screen shares, and I loathe PowerPoints and on the occasions where I need to do one, I tend to mix obscure movie stills throughout and I might also throw in pictures of Zombies, Bacon & Bands only I am likely to recognize.
Temperament:  Controlled and Controlling of the accounts that I manage.  Account Management is divided into strategy and tactics.  Clearly, the client and I need to come to agreement on the account strategy, which I will follow.  However, while I’ll gladly discuss tactics and am open to trying out client suggestions, I’m “El Jefe” of the tactical part of the relationship (which is why I now have the title SEM Consigliere).  Clients looking for a deferential account manager would not match well with me.
Relationship Style:  Casual and Continual.  I freely tell clients that they can reach out to me at any time that I’m not meeting with another client.  I answer emails quickly and am OK with ongoing Skype dialogs (though I only keep Skype open during work hours).  I’m an extreme morning person and clients will see stuff from me before 6 AM but never during the evening.  I’ve learned that people have very different communication styles, and it’s incumbent on me to adapt to my client.
Bid ManagementMarin.  I use it.  You should use it.  If you don’t want to use it…you should use it.  If you want to work with me, use it.  I’m pretty good working with it…so I’m told. :.)
I am available to engage with compatible Enterprise-Level B2B clients looking to engage with 3Q Digital in order to rapidly grow their business.  Hit us up if you want to work together.

25 E Washington Street
Suite 420

Chicago, IL 60602(650) 539-4124


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