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MSN AdCenter – Where Usability Goes to Die

Published: February 4, 2010

Author: David Rodnitzky

Ugh – you want to know why you are so behind AdWords, team MSN? Let’s start with your absolutely horrid usability. I got an email stating that some keywords and/or ad text was disapproved. I clicked on the message setting in the UI and got this completely useless information (account ID blacked out):

Notice that the message doesn’t tell you which keywords (and/or ad text) was disapproved – you are left to your own devices to hunt through the UI and find the disapprovals. But wait – it gets better – there’ s no report that will show you disapproved data, which means that you have to go through each campaign – one by one – to find the disapprovals. So if you have a couple of hundred campaigns, get ready for a full day of “find the disapproval.”
Rule #1 when it comes to all things paid search: JUST COPY ADWORDS AND YOU WILL BE OK!
Rule #2: Don’t have engineers design your UI.
God help the new MSN/YSM – they need it.

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