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Mobile (and AdMob)’s Growing Clout

Published: July 13, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

Mobile users need information on the go, and they need it fast. In just two years, Google has seen a 500-percent increase in mobile search traffic by users who are typing, speaking, using translation services, and using images to search. If you have services mobile users need, from quick pizza delivery to car service, mobile PPC done right is a no-brainer. Ad options vary from click to call and click to site to new platforms like AdMob – which Google bought in 2010 and has quickly helped turn into an indispensable part of a contemporary marketing strategy.
AdMob offers mobile ads for smartphone apps, allowing developers and business owners alike to turn views and gameplay into dollars and cents. AdMob allows users to place ads for their app on other apps that have a similar look and feel, and to host ads for other apps as a monetizing strategy. AdMob works across platforms, including iPhone and Android. Ads aren’t just those bland pop-ups on the bottom of your gaming screen. Expandable rich media ads entice viewers, and interactive ads turn promotion and awareness into fun for the user. Click-to-call ads are also available in AdMob.

Case Studies

With so many advertising tools out there (and more coming every day, it seems), it can be tempting to bury your head in the sand and limit your campaigns to tried-and-true strategies. Case studies of three very different companies’ AdMob results form a collective great argument for learning and putting mobile strategies in play – fast.

1. Simply Business

The UK’s Simply Business, which offers small-business insurance, used a recent campaign to test mobile’s reach into their target B2B market. In 2011, they ran AdMob’s click-to-call ads and click-to-site ads and saw a rise in calls of 800 percent, which led to a significant increase in insurance sales. They also leveraged valuable insight into targeting mobile users and found that calls and leads  from those campaigns were more likely to convert than those from broad-based campaigns that happened to reach mobile users.

2. PrivacyStar

Mobile privacy services company PrivacyStar adopted AdMob before the Google acquisition. PrivacyStar allows smartphone users to blocks calls and texts and control caller ID display. Originally, the company’s service was available only through supported carrier billing. When they decided to launch a smartphone app, they realized they would need some help creating demand and encouraging downloads. Their goal in using AdMob was to lower CPA, effectively targeting more users for less money. PrivacyStar’s first advertising campaigns were mainly focused on desktop and television promotion; this resulted in a CPA upwards of $5 per download. By advertising in apps from tightly focused categories, PrivacyStar was able to cut CPA to less than $2, a monumental cost drop.

3. Kronos

Game developer Kronos realized early app success with Action Bowling, a top-100 app since launch in 2008. Kronos used AdMob’s House option, which allows app developers to advertise their own games in their own apps for free, to advertise the paid version of Action Bowling from the free, ad-supported version. This free ad resulted in a 10-percent conversion rate. Stan Liu, Kronos’s Founder and President, said, “AdMob has the best CPMs and fill rate I’ve seen in the industry, but you need users to come back to your app regularly to reap the benefits of advertising.”
These case studies show the different capabilities of mobile PPC ads, as well as how companies have successfully leveraged these ads to monetize and promote their services. Whether you’re a B2B company or a game developer, mobile ads can help increase your conversion rate and improve the reach – and sales – of your services or products. Obviously, it should be one portion of a larger marketing initiative (and the messaging across platforms should be as consistent as possible), but as mobile assumes a greater role in your customers’ lives, it needs to assume a greater share of your marketing budget.
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