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Meet the New Facebook Advertising Interface (Psst – It’s Awesome)

Published: June 18, 2014

Author: Robert Brady

Back on February 26th Facebook announced a self-proclaimed “Simpler Way to Organize and Optimize Campaigns on Facebook.” The main point of the update was to phase out the old structure composed of campaigns & ads in favor of a 3-tiered organization structure that looks like this:
For the seasoned PPC professional, this system looks a lot like the structure utilized by Google AdWords and BingAds. The slight semantic difference is that Facebook renamed ad groups the very different term of “Ad Sets.” Okay, that’s cool and all, but along with the fundamental structural update, we also got a refreshed UI that is a big step in the right direction. Let’s look at some of the new bells and whistles.

New Facebook Advertising UI

The first change that I noticed was the improved date range options. Here is a screenshot of what you’ll see when you click the date range on the right side of the interface:
As you can see, you have 8 presets that are hyperlinked for quick access:

-Last 14 days
-This month
-Last 7 days
-Last 28 days
-This quarter

You also have the side-by-side calendars so that you can select any custom date range of your choosing. I would have liked to see a “Previous month” preset, and it’s worth noting that the default is Pacific Time.
Verdict – A much-needed, very appreciated upgrade.

Status Indicators

This is the most minor of the changes. You now get a slider for the Status of your campaigns. It looks like this:
The blue position with a “|” indicator means on and the white position with an “O” means off. Not super-intuitive, but the contrast allows you to quickly see what’s on and what’s off once you get used to it.
Verdict – Could be more intuitive, but okay.

Budget Progress Bar

This is a really cool feature that you almost miss if you don’t look closely. In the ‘”Spent Today” column of the interface, you see the amount spent of the daily budget, but there is also a little indicator bar underneath. It looks like this:
If you’re a visual person and don’t want to mentally calculate approximately how much of your budget you’ve spent/still got left, this is a quick way to see it at a glance.
Verdict – Great addition. Simple & beneficial without cluttering things up.


Not only did Facebook make a big step forward in account structure, but they made a nice update to the advertising UI that should make it easier for advertisers to keep an eye on things and make Facebook work for them.

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