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Marketing Mavericks: an Interview with Malcolm Friedberg of WizRocket

Published: September 17, 2015

Author: 3Q/DEPT

3d44332  Name: Malcolm Friedberg
  Company: WizRocket
  Twitter handle: @malfried

How long have you been in your current role?

Just a few months.

When you look back at the last six months, what were some of the biggest surprises of your job?

How much mobile messaging is like email marketing was 10 years ago.

What are 2-3 bold predictions you’d make for the next six months?

1. Mobile forever changes consumer behavior and creates a huge opportunity for phone support/inbound call center companies (which is ironic in the sense that these advancements will take us ‘backwards’ to the phone).
2. Salesforce.com gets sold to Microsoft.
3. Donald Trump wins 10% of the popular vote, once again proving that it’s not the quality of your intellect but the size of your brand that matters.

What’s your favorite recent ad campaign, and why?

Virgin America’s FAA regulation video prior to take-off because it’s a wonderful example of how to take some excruciatingly boring content (e.g. life vest + seat belt instructions) and completely rethink how to deliver it (while meeting the rigid requirements of stating all the precise wording).

If you had $10M, which marketing platform (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) would you invest in, and why?

Probably Facebook. I’m not a huge user myself, but I think it’s the best source for creating super targeted, cost-effective B2C campaigns. Given the movement towards greater accountability for marketing spend and the burgeoning test-learn-iterate mentality, it’s a great place to get smart quickly.

If you had $10M, which marketing technology would you invest in, and why?

If you’ve seen the Martech landscape slide, then you’d know that the best answer would be “none.” With that said, someone needs to bring a true prescriptive, intelligent software to market in any category. Marketing automation would be a great candidate. In my humble opinion, the current wave of “predictive” software misses the mark because they fail to tell you what action you (the marketer) should take next. That’s what’s missing the market: AI meets Martech.

What is/are the most important metric(s) you use to guide your decision making process?

Depends. Every industry has different critical metrics. Good to Great asks the question, “What drives your economic engine?” In general, you should have a customer lifecycle and a funnel with metrics that align to each stage.

Which is more important, attribution or mobile? Why?

Both are critical. You can’t get smarter about your marketing without proper attribution (+ tracking, reporting, etc), so it’s really a requirement at this stage. However, if you’re a consumer marketer, you better have a mobile app supported by a robust messaging program or else you’ll soon be looking for a new gig.

Are there any specific books that have helped shape your marketing strategy?

Good to Great. It’s a must read for anyone serious about running a company.

More about Malcolm:

Malcolm Friedberg is currently the CMO of WizRocket, a Sequoia/Accel-funded mobile engagement platform. 

25 E Washington Street
Suite 420

Chicago, IL 60602(650) 539-4124


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