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Marketing Mavericks: An Interview with Shelby American’s Gary Schechner

Published: July 2, 2015

Author: 3Q/DEPT


Name: Gary Schechner

Company: Shelby American

Twitter handle:  Biz/@shelbyamerican   Personal/@wsmc969

How long have you been in your current role?  

Two months.

When you look back at the last six months, what were some of the biggest surprises of your job?

I’m still surprised daily. 🙂

What are 2-3 bold predictions you’d make for the next six months?  

Shelby is overhauling their go-to-market efforts with more strategy and analytics, and we expect to have a better understanding of who our customers are and how we can do a  better job of winning their hearts throughout the entire customer journey. 

What’s your favorite recent ad campaign, and why?  

Dollar Shave Club.  The original concept (YouTube video) was outstanding, and I think that they did a pretty good job of making the leap to the small screen (big screen?) TV. I also appreciate their tone and tongue-in-cheek voice for the brand.

If you had $10M, which marketing platform (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) would you invest in, and why?  

CRM/Data analytics to get some process in place for the sales and marketing we do here. We’ve not done a good job with all of the different customers over the years, and the re-marketing we need to do would be greatly helped with some systems in place.

If you had $10M, which marketing technology would you invest in, and why?  

See above.

What is/are the most important metric(s) you use to guide your decision-making process?  

Since this is the first time Shelby is really doing much measurement (of their marketing), ANYTHING we can measure is a good start for us to make better decisions for the next time.

Which is more important, attribution or mobile? Why?  

For us right now, I’d settle for a good digital journey including learning about our products, how to order (build your own car or even Shelby Performance Parts), remarketing, etc.

Are there any specific books that have helped shape your marketing strategy?  

Good question. Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational. Most stuff by Seth Godin. The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg. Twitter. ANA (Association of National Advertisers) conferences where I learn from others sharing their ideas and experiences.

More about Gary Schechner:

As VP of Marketing at Shelby American, Gary’s living every car-nut’s dream: the chance to help further a beloved and iconic brand with the new marketing tools available. He brings to bear more than 20 years of marketing experience with time on both the agency- and client-side of the table across a number of industries including tech, automotive and consumer retail.  

25 E Washington Street
Suite 420

Chicago, IL 60602(650) 539-4124


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