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Marin Bulk Uploading: a Troubleshooting Guide

Published: September 23, 2015

Author: Rachel Lucy

If you work on an account that uses Marin and have tried to make bulk changes, you may have seen something that looks like this:
When I first started using the platform, I certainly got my fair share of “Failed” statuses that made me want to pull my hair out. Hopefully this blog post helps you sail smoothly through the bulk change process.
First, I’ll outline the overall process for bulk uploading changes into Marin that can be applied to pretty much any change you’re trying to make, with a few tweaks here and there (depending on the engine and what exactly you’re changing).
Then I’ll share a few tricks I’ve learned from my good friends over at the Marin help desk that will hopefully save you a few phone calls (and several minutes of hold music). I’ll end with a few tips and catch-alls to help you sail through the platform without unexpected hiccups.
Let’s get started.

Steps for Bulk Uploading in Marin

1. First, you’ll need to figure out what columns you should include in the spreadsheet for your bulk upload. To do this, go to Admin in the top right of the screen.
On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a section labeled “Bulk Upload.” Click on the element of your account that you are planning to edit.
The text box on this page gives you an idea of what column headers you should include in your spreadsheet for upload. Also, remember to read the fine print above the text box for helpful tips!
2. Now it’s time to create your bulk sheet for upload. If you are making bulk edits (rather than creating something new), I definitely recommend downloading a report so that the formatting is compatible with Marin.
Select the tab at the top of the screen that corresponds to whatever you will be editing.
Remember the column headers that you’ll need for the bulk upload, and then go to the View Builder to make sure the proper columns are included in the view before downloading a report.
Make sure to unselect any Metrics columns, then save.
Then create your report, download, and go to the Reports section at the top right to retrieve your report. Remember to select “Include items with zero clicks” to ensure you download everything that needs to be edited.
After you download your report, make sure to save it as a .txt file.
3. Now you’re ready to upload! Go back to Admin à Bulk Uploads à whatever you’re trying to edit/create.
Upload the .txt file you just created, and make sure to select Upload changes in “Held” status. That way, you’ll be able to review the changes and then manually push them live once everything looks good to go.
4. Review your changes. Go back to Admin, and you should see your changes in the activity log. Whenever making bulk changes, you’ll see one line item with the bulk upload file, and then additional line items with changes that will be made with “Held” in the status column. Click on the file to review the changes. If everything looks good to go, select the line items and click “Post Now.”
Hopefully, Marin shows you this message:
If you get a message that says “Failed” or “Succeeded Partially,” you should be able to click on the error to see what went wrong.
Finally, go back and check to see that your changes are showing up!

Helpful Q&As With the Marin Help Desk

Q: The bulk upload section for Creatives says I need Creative ID to edit existing ads, but I don’t see Creative ID in the View Builder!
A:  Just go ahead and download the report. Creative ID is automatically included.
Q: I just uploaded new creatives and the activity log says “Succeeded,” but the creatives aren’t there when I search for them!
A: Make sure that you unselect metrics in the view builder. If you include metrics columns and the creatives haven’t accumulated data, they won’t show up at all.
Q: I want to make bulk changes to sitelinks across multiple accounts, but the only way to access sitelinks is by clicking into an individual campaign. Help!
A: You’re right – you have to click into an individual campaign. However, if you click “Create Report” within the campaign sitelinks view, you will download all of the Google or Bing sitelinks in your Marin account (not just the sitelinks for that campaign).

Other Tips and Catch-Alls

-Don’t put brackets around your exact match keywords! You’ll see your keywords with [[double brackets]] in the engines. Wonder why your keywords are getting zero impressions?!

-Be sure to select “view all creatives” or “view all keywords” when downloading a report for a bulk upload. Marin automatically shows only keywords and creatives that have at least 1 click in the past 2 months. This setting will re-set every time you apply a filter to your view, so make sure this is the last thing you select before creating a report.


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