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Listen: 3Q Founder David Rodnitzky on Rockstar CMO Podcast

Published: September 24, 2021

Author: Phoebe Martell-Crawford

If you haven’t yet heard, 3Q Digital Founder David Rodnitzky is the author of an Amazon best-seller! The book, Unfair Marketing, combines David’s expertise from his decades-long career and dissects unique opportunities that marketers are underutilizing. David recently appeared on the Rockstar CMO podcast – hosted by Ian Truscott – and discussed five specific areas where marketers can exploit their unfair advantages.

  1. Data
    Using data strategically gives marketers a huge edge over competitors by finding advantages that others can’t. Every company has access to data stored within their business, whether from campaigns, information about competitors and customers, or global trend data. However, most companies don’t know how to extract the maximum value of their data for a variety of reasons. When marketers can find a way to harness the power of the information they already have, they can leverage it for new growth opportunities.
  2. Knowledge
    Many companies don’t know the right approach to hiring, retaining, and developing experts. Hiring the right people to run a business is critical to success, but you also need to be constantly testing and working to improve them.
  3. Access
    Think about the connections you have in the marketing world. Who do you know? What tools can you access to help you be more successful? For example, having access to the latest betas to test and run campaigns can lead to a competitive advantage for your brand.
  4. Brand
    A brand advantage can be a massive contributor to success. For example, if a company like Coca-Cola were to run ads against a small soda startup, Coca-Cola will outperform them every time. They will get a lot more clicks and conversions at a lower cost because consumers more easily recognize them and trust them compared to smaller competitors. Performance marketers need to engage in storytelling, awareness efforts, and brand building.
  5. Money
    Money can buy you better data, experts, and access, and being a well-funded company allows you to wait longer for better opportunities and build up market share. This also ties back to data; if you’re able to measure the true impact of each purchase, it changes the way you think about your marketing.

Whatever your company’s hidden superpower is, it’s time you started taking advantage of it. Take some time and listen to the full podcast today for more background than what we’ve covered here and get started on building your competitive edge.

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