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How my Life is Like a PPC Campaign

Published: March 20, 2014

Author: Alyssa Bomar

Managing PPC campaigns can be complicated; being able to manage so many different moving pieces is key to finding success! It seems that the same can be true when managing the moving parts of daily life, so let’s take a quick peek at these parallel worlds.

-Setting alerts and alarms through any ad platform are definitely extremely helpful in order to keep control and order, especially when you have so many other actions and important decisions to make throughout the day.  Being clued in by AdWords that you dip below your average con rate or your CPA dramatically increases is just as awesome as if you were to get an alert that the bakery ran out of cronuts before you left the house! Unless you are one of those superhuman people who can remember to do everything day in and out, we all need a little help!

-Depending on your business, holidays can be a very stressful but fruitful time! I found that planning ahead as much as possible in terms of media plans can definitely help to eliminate the last-minute rush. Sound familiar? Planning and making lists prior to, say, Christmas Eve can definitely save you a trip to the mall – and a headache!

-We all know juice cleansing is the new rage! Businesses everywhere are popping up to make sure that people are able to cleanse themselves of toxins – especially after the holidays when we have indulged. Cleansing is definitely a ritual that be used in different contexts and – let’s be real – definitely more than once a year. Do you really need 10 sweaters with holes? NO. Continually cleansing your accounts of low-search-volume keywords in your top-performing campaigns or confirming that your ad groups’ ad relevance is tight? Those are definitely tactics that should be routine in order to rid your account of toxins and clear the way for streamlined and efficient performance.


-While we are doing all we can to stay organized and efficient, there are some outside influences that we just can’t control – like when you ride the MUNI to work at 8am and someone else has just a little bit too loud of a conversation in the seat next to you. So What do you do? Put in your ear buds and cancel out the noise. That’s exactly what with do with irrelevant searches that are costing us money – kill the noise and negative out those queries or audiences that just don’t help push your performance towards your goal.

-Lastly, testing is key to finding more effective strategies or realizing that you are do the best you can at the moment much like life. How can you know that you still don’t like brussels sprouts if you don’t try them? Participating in Betas or new media space may bring in a new audience you weren’t aware was interested in your ads – or not interested, but at least you tried!

Do you have any more life/PPC parallels on your mind? Drop a comment!

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