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Leverage Native to Drive Click-to-Call Leads on Mobile

Published: November 20, 2017

Author: Luca Cataldo

When most people think of lead generation on websites, they think of form fills to capture email addresses. While this can be an effective way of driving the initial lead, the nurture process can often be too slow, leaving customers with unanswered questions. Sometimes leads aren’t contacted for days, and they lose interest.
For companies with dedicated customer service teams, capturing leads with a phone number (on a business’ website) can be a better option for quickly connecting with potential customers. The primary issue with this lead gen strategy, however, typically revolves around users not having enough information about a product or service before placing a call. Typically business phone numbers live on a Contact Us or related page, experiences that aren’t content-rich or engaging in any way.
An effective solution? Optimize content landing pages for click-to-call, then distribute that content at scale with targeted native ads. The right content – distributed via native networks like Taboola, Outbrain and Yahoo Gemini – can play a valuable role in educating users about a product or service offering in a non-disruptive way, with experiences designed to turn user intent into instant leads.


Examples of Click-to-Calls on websites

There are a few reasons promoting click-to-call content pages specifically with native mobile ads tends to work so well:

  • Potential customers are introduced to a product or serving offering in an engaging, non-intrusive way, which helps create consumer/brand trust.
  • A content-focused click-to-call strategy allows users to engage with landing page experiences that are relevant to them, and optimized to capture intent.
  • Brands can focus their spend on mobile traffic, which is significantly cheaper than desktop traffic, and also provides more scale.
  • Right away, brands are able to determine the quality of the lead, and eliminate any unnecessary back-and-forth communication in the event a lead is not qualified.

We’ve leveraged native advertising for many clients looking to drive these types of leads. Below are results from a recent test we ran on Yahoo Gemini for a client in the Legal industry:

After seeing great results from Test #1, we optimized our creative and placement strategies and increased total budget. Test #2 ended up driving 2x leads at a 6% lower CPA!
We’ve seen content-focused click-to-call lead strategies like this work very well for a number of clients, especially brands with longer-tail conversion cycles that require more education around a product or service offering.
If you’re interested in optimizing your current lead strategy with content + native ads, we’d love to have a conversation with you! You can contact us here.

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