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Leverage Influencers on Paid Social for eCommerce

Published: November 18, 2019

Author: Corey Atkins

As we ramp up for Q4, the paid media landscape for many eCommerce clients will change dramatically. With increased bidding costs, new competitors, and some of the best creative of the year coming out, it can be difficult to maintain visibility above all the noise. If you, like many other brands, are looking to push budgets and test new audiences during the ‘Season of Shopping,’ it may be a good time to explore some new options and get creative with your strategy.
In this blog, we’ll discuss potential ways you can leverage influencers to hit new, high-potential acquisition audiences and fill your remarketing funnel with consumers who already have some trust in the quality of your product!

The Power of Influencers in Paid Media

So – why all this hype around influencers? Isn’t this something the PR team should be worrying about? Organic performance and earned media are certainly reliant on influencer content, but there are a few ways the paid media team can take advantage of these accounts as well. Influencers provide a unique opportunity to build trust in your brand with consumers who may have never even heard of your product. They have dedicated followers who have already built an emotional connection to their message and their lifestyles; by weaving your brand into an influencer’s brand, providing these are a good fit and speak to audiences with similar demographics and interests, earned validation will come to your product.

How to Build Facebook Influencer Engagement Campaigns

If you’ve done your research and have connected with a relevant influencer, then let’s assume that the followers of this influencer are a high-priority audience for your brand. For example, if an Organic Skin Care brand connects with an influencer promoting an organic lifestyle, we can assume that a large portion of their followers are also looking for ways to live an organic lifestyle. By leveraging influencer-produced content and running paid ads for this audience, we have a powerful acquisition strategy to fill our funnels with in-market consumers.
Below are the steps to leverage influencer page audiences (on Instagram or Facebook) and build campaigns that reach ‘engagement audiences’ on Social:

  1. Connect with the Influencer via Business Managers. They can add you as a partner under ‘Business Settings’ through their page.
  2. Once they’ve granted you these permissions, you can create branded content through Ads Manager. These ads will appear as though they are coming from the influencer directly, so be sure to get their approval on the ad copy used here. Here’s an example from Music Today:

These ads can be leveraged in any audience in any campaign. Perhaps it may be worth testing these in other Lookalike or Interest-Based prospecting audiences, or hitting remarketing audiences with a new type of ad.

  1. Now, let’s take it a step further. Since we have been granted access to the influencer’s page, we also have access to target their audiences. Create a new ad set in Ads Manager, and then create a new ‘Custom Audience.’
  2. Select the ‘Facebook Page’ or ‘Instagram Business Profile’ option to build the audience using the influencer’s Facebook or Instagram page.
  3. From there, select the influencer profile from the ‘Pages’ drop-down. There are a variety of options for targeting different audiences associated with the page, including ‘Anyone who visited your page’ or ‘People who engage with any post of ad’ of the page.’

And there you have it!
Hit any audience familiar with the influencer’s brand, using the influencer’s voice and content and fill your funnels with high-potential prospects. The more influencers you connect with, the more audiences will be available to leverage.
Remember to be responsible using any influencer brand, audience, or content and get their permission and approval first.
Happy influencing!

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