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Leverage Facebook Video Ads for Awareness and Direct Response

Published: April 3, 2018

Author: Tamer Rizk

It can be costly and ineffective to try to directly sell a product or service to an audience that is not yet familiar with your brand. Facebook video ads are a great way to build awareness about your brand while nurturing people through your sales funnel. Video ads with rich content that tells your unique brand story build credibility and trust, which essentially makes people more likely to buy from you. Below I will outline a simple strategy that leverages your brand video to turn prospects into buyers.

Choose the Right Campaign Objective

There are many different campaign objectives in Facebook; for this specific strategy, the Video-View Objective is the most effective as Facebook will go after those who are most likely to watch your video.

Choose the Right Placement

I recommend that you select Mobile-Only placements and include In-Stream Videos and Suggested Videos. (Facebook will make you add News Feed as a placement in order to run in Suggested Videos.)

By running on these placements, you are effectively targeting people who are already consuming video content and therefore they will be more likely to view your video. Create your ad set leveraging your best-performing LAL audience while testing it against other audiences. Determine performance and optimize based on on cost per percentage of video viewed. To start, you can use the Video Engagement custom column and calculate your cost per 95% video view by simply taking your spend divided by the number of people who watched 95% of your video.

Run a Retargeting Campaign Based on Video Views

Now you have a campaign in place that is creating a warm audience more likely to buy your product or service. You can now retarget those individuals with a direct-response offer. Go ahead and create a new campaign with the objective of Conversions. This will contain your retargeting audiences based on video views. Next, you’ll create an audience based on video view percentage.
First, create a custom audience based on Video Engagement. Navigate to the Audience section of Facebook, click Create Audience, then click Custom Audience. From there, click on Engagement.

Continue and click on Video.

You’ll be presented with the below. This will allow you to create your audience based on the video and percentage viewed.

You now have a video view campaign that is doing more than than just building awareness; it’s also nurturing qualified people who are then being retargeted with a direct-response offer.
Lastly, and as usual, be sure to test your ad creative, copy, audiences, and optimization methods. Good luck!

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