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Leverage Effective Influencer Marketing Tactics on Facebook

Published: November 2, 2017

Author: Evan Routzong

Facebook is one of the fastest-growing ad platforms, and it has become increasingly important for advertisers to create ads that lean toward a more organic and authentic feel on the platform. Modern-day consumers are bombarded with ads across all platforms, to the point that it is easy for most of us to identify inauthentic ads and simply swipe past.
I’d like to share an interesting tactic that allows you to leverage your connections, partnerships, and influencers to create truly authentic ads that will build trust and rapport for your brand. While this won’t work for all businesses, it’s an interesting tactic for those willing to think outside the box on paid social strategies.

Who will it work for?

Think of all the connections, partnerships, influencers, and sponsors working (even loosely) with your company – are any of these connections highly trusted sources for your audience? Would their stamp of approval on your product help build trust and rapport amongst your audience? If the answer is yes, then there may be an opportunity for some partner/influencer marketing on Social.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, the idea is to put ad spend behind unpublished posts (ads) from your influencers/partners – to clarify, these unpublished posts are actually ads you can create within your own ad account and run to any of your own audiences, but they will appear to come from the influencer’s page as if they were organic posts.
In order to run ads coming from your partner/influencers’ pages, you’ll need to request ‘advertiser access’ to their Facebook page – this is explained in detail below.

What are the benefits?

Both parties really stand to benefit from this tactic:
Partners/influencers – They essentially get free ad spend. They appear in front of thousands of new users (whichever audience you choose) and consequently see increased engagement and new followers. Furthermore, you can discuss the content and messaging that will be promoted from their page and ensure it’s mutually beneficial (and authentic!). Get creative!
Your Brand – The benefits for your brand are more obvious: you stand to benefit from the ‘stamp of approval’ from your influencer. If your audience sees real people or highly trusted sources vouching for your brand, this will undoubtedly provide a lot of value in driving users through the funnel to conversion. Another valuable benefit here will be your ability to send this ‘organic’ influencer post to any of your existing audiences – consider sending to Lookalike audiences, Interest-based audiences, and even your own retargeting audiences. This may be the perfect content to push mid-funnel users to conversion. Finally, unlike other boosted posts or cross promotions, you have the benefit of full visibility into performance since you’re tracking users with your pixel.
It’s really a win-win, but it’s important that both parties work together to ensure the messaging is appropriate and in the authentic voice of the influencer, while still effectively promoting the brand or product with a call to action and link.

Simple steps to setting up effective cross-promotion ads

  • Connect with the influencer’s page. From your ad account’s ‘Business Settings’ page, you can navigate to ‘Pages’ and submit a request for advertiser access to any page on Facebook. It’s important to make sure you’re requesting access to the exact page since there may be some close variants out there. You’ll also want to give a heads-up to whoever manages the page so they know a request for access is coming through – this will expedite the process.

    Once you have access to the page, locate it within ‘Business Settings’ and click to ‘Add People’ – add yourself and/or whoever will be creating the ads.
  • Set up targeting. Your targeting options are all the same, except with added benefits of connecting to the influencer’s page: you can now target people who engaged with their Facebook Page, and you can also create Lookalike audiences based on people who like their page. Be careful with the latter option, but consider using it with layered interest targeting. As I mentioned above, it may be interesting to test these influencer posts with your current Lookalike audiences and even your retargeting audiences.
  • Create your ad! Within Power Editor or Ads Manager, simply create an ad as you normally would, but be sure to select the new influencer Page as the page representing the ad. If you plan on using this same ad in multiple ad sets, I recommend creating a single ad and then sourcing the same Post ID for all of your ads – this will allow you to collect all engagement in one place (social proof = more influence!
  • Get approval to launch, then monitor performance! When working with influencers or partners’ pages, I would also recommend getting all materials specifically approved before launch – you’ll need to make sure the messaging is authentic (in the voice of the influencer/partner) and that they’re okay with putting their stamp of approval on it!

Good luck! If you have any questions on the process, please leave a comment.

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