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Learning Leads to Earning (Or, Why You Need to Work at PPC Associates)

Published: June 25, 2012

Author: David Rodnitzky

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“In your 20s you should learn; in your 30s you should earn.” I suspect that any successful entrepreneur or executive will agree with this adage. (Some may even suggest that you should just focus on the learning part entirely!)
There’s one moment in my work life that exemplifies this sentiment for me, and it actually happened in my early 30s. Back in 2004, I had two job offers – one from Yahoo and one from Adteractive. When I moved to Silicon Valley in 1999, my dream job was to work at Yahoo. So five years later when I finally got that offer, it was a big moment for me.
And yet, I turned Yahoo down and went to Adteractive instead, for two reasons. First, Adteractive had assembled one of the most talented groups of people I had ever seen (this article outlines just some of the superstars to emerge from there). Second, I knew that the intense focus on data and analytics inside the company would force me to become a better marketer. My entire perspective and understanding of online marketing was fundamentally transformed as a result of my two years at Adteractive.
So now that I’m an employer instead of an employee, part of my job is convincing potential hires that working at PPC Associates will be as meaningful to them as Adteractive was to me. Of course, I’m just a *little* bit biased on this point, but I truly believe that working at PPC Associates puts you on the fast track to online marketing success.
My primary reason for making this argument is simple: over the last five years, I’ve reviewed hundreds of online marketing campaigns from top agencies, hot dot-coms, and high-flying publicly-traded companies, and few follow the minimum best practices that we adhere to at PPC Associates. Just to prove to you what I’m talking about, download our Alpha Beta process whitepaper and then login to any AdWords account and you’ll immediately understand what I mean.
Most online marketers ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ – in other words, they think they are operating at an A+ level but are probably B+ or worse. We’ve recruited many marketers from well-known agencies and companies, and it usually takes them six months or longer to adjust to the level of rigor and analysis we apply at PPC Associates.
This may come across as a little arrogant, but it also happens to be the truth. As my colleague Sean Marshall noted, not everyone can be the best SEM; there have to be some SEM ‘losers.’ So my argument to potential hires is simple: if you want to get better at online marketing, you need to work at PPC Associates (or at least work at a company that emphasizes process, data, and analytics).
The California Lottery had a slogan a few years ago that said “Somebody’s Gonna Win the Lotto – Might as Well be You!” While I don’t recommend investing in the lottery as your path to success, I do like the sentiment of this campaign: somebody’s gonna be the best online marketer – might as well be you!
If you want to learn how to be great at online marketing, you need to work with us. By the way, did I mention PPC Associates is hiring?
David Rodnitzky, CEO

25 E Washington Street
Suite 420

Chicago, IL 60602(650) 539-4124


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