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Laugh and learn: check your DKI and contextual negatives

Published: March 7, 2013

Author: Jaime Sikora

Google’s Dynamic Keyword Insertion (or DKI) can be an SEM’s best friend and worst enemy. When it comes to a company that sells a wide variety of products, it definitely is the easiest way out. However, in exchange for some extra-customized ads, one ends up with a store that claims to sell some ridiculous products on occasion (check for contextual negatives, people!) based on some of the ridiculous things people search for. There we go.
For example, it all started when I was looking for a brand of clothing I like (Pink Owl Apparel) that is often hard to find. After searching on ‘buy pink owl apparel,’ well, I got some interesting responses.
I wonder if they have purple and blue as well. Looking further down the page, I saw some other interesting options.
Walmart is constantly expanding their selection. I wonder if they also sell zebras.
Now that we’ve mentioned it, can you buy zebras online? As Sarah Palin would say, ‘You betcha!’ (although not necessarily from Walmart).
But back to my original SERP. Even further down that page (thank goodness they weren’t going for position 1 with this gem):
I hope PETA gets involved. Owls aren’t clothing! Or maybe this is clothing for owls. Poor little naked, demure owls.
That got me thinking – other animals you can buy online through a paid search ad….
Awkward. I feel like I already encounter enough of those in my life.
Another thing I don’t necessarily want or need. And while we’re on the subject of want and need – below is an actual product, triggered by a relevant query (so not an SEM blooper). But it begs the question – there’s a market for this?
…and while we’re talking about ridiculous adult costumes:
Yep. Good PPC. Bad…adult consumers?
Anyhow, back on track. How about some mythic creatures. Are those for sale on the web?
A loud, resounding yes. And you best believe I’m not paying full retail for those unicorns.
If you’re going to buy the unicorn, don’t forget the accessories.
And don’t forget, they make great gifts.
Moving right along. Do we have time for one more animal?
There we go. Now, it’s not just animals you can buy online; sometimes you can get people, too.
Or, sometimes, just a specific body part (mine have been hurting lately; maybe it’s time for a new one).
Anyhow. I briefly mentioned Ms. Palin, I know, but I don’t want to get too political. However, let it be known that on the night of Tuesday, October 16, for a couple hours, there were multiple office-supply stores selling:
binders full of women
Moral(s) of the story – watch your negs and SQRs closely, and proceed with caution on DKI.
– Jaime Sikora, Account Manager

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