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Landing Page Destinations: How to Make Them Work

Published: March 11, 2016

Author: Molly McCarty

While your ad’s copy and creative are imperative to the success of your campaign, where you lead the user on your website is just as important. Changing your landing page can make a huge difference in determining if the user will convert.
We recently ran a landing page test with a client on Facebook, and changed the landing page from the client’s homepage to a specific page that matched each ad within the carousel unit, which, as a result, made a huge difference in conversion rate and CPA. The copy and creative in the ad did not change – the only thing that changed is where we sent the user. We saw conversion rate increase 63% and CPA decrease 39% for the new landing pages. This test reached 99% confidence that the new landing page had won, showing a much higher conversion rate.
A user also likes to see a connection on the website to what they are seeing in the ad you are showing. During our test, the new landing page to which we sent users utilized the same colors and icons on each page to align with what the user was seeing in the ad. If the ad is highlighting a specific feature, that same feature should also be shown on the landing page. The landing page we sent users to during our test created a much better user experience.
To make sure your test reaches significance, you should perform an A/B test. On Facebook, you can split your audience 50/50 by using audience segmentation.  By splitting the audience at the ad set level, you can better allocate the same amount of spend towards each ad to ensure you reach significance on your test.
In summary, you should consistently be running tests to create a better user experience, and, ultimately, generate higher performance for your ads.
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