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Kitchen Sink Remarketing

Published: March 2, 2015

Author: Todd Mintz

I have a long-term B2B client that works on the Fremium business model. For the longest time, the only upsell GDN marketing strategy we employed consisted of an appropriate message with a link to the pricing page, which showed the additional benefits of becoming a paid member. It worked fantastically because the offering was wonderful. A few months ago, we created an upsell video with a similar message that also had terrific performance. However, I rhetorically wondered if we could do even better. Then, I had this crazy idea…
My client has created a whole bunch of really relevant, focused content for verticals within its selling space. Some of this content is used for blog posts; some is used for interior web pages with an SEO focus; and some serves both purposes. Each of these pages already contains an upsell “Call to Action” (as well as one for Free Signup). We have over 50 of these pages.
Why not use each of these pages as part of the upsell process?
So, instead of using one page and one message in GDN to upsell prospects, I began to use 51 pages and 51 upsell messages. I restricted my ad impressions so that during the typical latency period, a visitor would be exposed to many different upsell variations.
I launched this initiative right before the Christmas holidays. Once the holiday period ended, the account performance took off like a rocket.
A large percentage of the GDN spend immediately shifted to the 50 new pages. CTR was high; CPC was low; and the number of paid conversions spiked massively. In January, we increased paid conversions 36% YoY, which should not be possible for this well-established Enterprise-level client. We narrowly missed our best month ever, and we’re not even close to their peak sales season.
If you’re running B2B PPC, chances are you’ve carefully cultivated the assets that you use in attempting to upsell people. However, you might also possess other assets that you might not have considered for secondary retargeting. You might consider adding them to your retargeting funnel, making it more diverse and deep. If your prospects see and consume multiple messages about your offering, they’re more likely to see the value of becoming your customer.

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