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Jack White & The Process of PPC Onboarding

Published: June 26, 2012

Author: Todd Mintz

Jack White concertEven a full month after seeing Jack White perform live in Eugene, I carry the power of his performance at the forefront of my mind. I knew I was in for a treat just by reading the glowing press from his previous tour stops. However, I could tell that the show was totally going to rock just from the events that transpired between the time his opening act concluded and when he took the stage.
First was the “pre-set” music that he chose – and you could tell that Jack picked the music because all the song choices were from the late-’60s lunatic fringe…not the psychedelia that got played at Woodstock and were ultimately broadcast to the masses but the sorts of tunes that were too hardcore for even the counterculture mainstream and which never became more visible than appearing on the soundtracks to alternative films like Psych-Out and Zabriskie Point.
All the instruments on Jack’s stage were wrapped in the same turquoise blue material. The members of the road crew, all dressed in the same gangster-like suits, entered the stage. They prepared the scene by slowly uncovering each of the instruments, one by one, keeping the crowd in heightened anticipation until only the guitar kits were left (uncovered last).
Jack’s set had the most amazing pacing and tone of any concert I’ve ever been to. I’ve never attended another show where I couldn’t just pull one song out from the set and say, “he really killed it on that one.” Sure, all the tunes were amazing, which shouldn’t be a surprise. However, each song was subverted to the whole concept of “performance,” which, for Jack, was that everything would be played in short staccato bursts of energy maximizing the interplay between Jack and every other musician (who were all every bit as talented as him) with a rapid switching around to achieve almost a state of musical entropy…except the “entropy” was very well-scripted to only give the appearance of chaos. There was almost no extended soloing, even by Jack, as the musicians subverted their considerable talents to better the whole of the concert. While many of the pieces of the show seemed jagged when evaluated individually, when they were placed together in the context of the total performance, everything became very melodic.
When PPC Associates takes over a client account, we go through a very long checklist of steps, performing each and every one extremely methodically prior to an account relaunch using our Alpha-Beta process. It isn’t uncommon for clients, prospective clients, and even other PPC pros to question our process; to the uninitiated, it could look like a chaotic blizzard of unfamiliarity. However, what appears to be entropic is actually an extremely orderly procedure that ultimately leads to much greater ROI for the client’s business…making beautiful music for the client’s ears. Once clients see the results, they can just let us lead “The Trip” and spend their time on other aspects of their enterprise.
Jack White will be playing Portland in August, and I’m sure as heck going to be at the show.

Todd Mintz, Senior SEM Manager

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