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It’s Been A While

Published: October 6, 2011

Author: Hillary Read

Hi, I’m Jeremy Mayes, Account Executive with PPC Associates and a 12-year pro in internet marketing. As the subject line suggests, it’s been a while since I have been active in the blogosphere. My last PPC-related post was in February of 2009, shortly after I accepted a role as a Director of SEM for a medium-sized company in the education sector. As much as I enjoyed blogging, I just couldn’t justify the time any longer. I was no longer doing any contract or freelance work, was not out looking for a new job, and had all sorts of changes in my personal life that trumped being able to sit down and write about PPC. The past is the past, though, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to jump back in feet-first and rekindle a passion that’s been idle for far too long.
As I look back on some of my older posts, I’m reminded of just how quickly this industry changes. As recently as 2006 (I know, a lifetime in PPC!), I was blogging about things like the AdWords Editor Beta, the rise of adCenter, quality scores finally being talked about and shown to AdWords users, AdWords print and radio ads, minimum bids in AdWords, needing an invite to even use adCenter, and all sorts of other features and things that are readily available (or completely gone) today. Prior to my blogging days, I even recall things that today would be completely unacceptable…like not being able specify separate search and content bids in AdWords! As a publisher I thought that was awesome…as an advertiser not so much.
Over my 12+ years in Internet Marketing, I can’t even come close to counting all the changes that have taken place in the profession and in the industry. Ten years ago, the vast majority of the tools we use today didn’t even exist, and it was actually pretty rare for companies to have Internet Marketing professionals on staff. Now it’s rare for companies not to have Internet Marketing professionals on staff. We’re fortunate to be part of an industry that evolves daily and continues to offer opportunities for personal and professional development to those who understand how to leverage these platforms to improve business performance. If the next 10 years are anything like the last 10 years, we’re in for an exciting ride. We’re looking forward to that journey at PPC Associates and hope you’ll join us.
-Jeremy Mayes, Account Executive, PPC Associates
-Questions? Email bloggers at ppcassociates dot com

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