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(iOS + Android + Blackberry) – WebOS = Mobile Success on Google

Published: September 24, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is from Bradley Zeller,  New York native and San Diego resident and the PPC Manager for Obu Interactive. Bradley has a wide range of marketing experience, including ecommerce marketing and legal marketing. He spends his free time traveling the California coast with his girlfriend and taking advantage of San Diego’s beautiful beaches.
Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is tricky, and knowing how to organize and how to break out campaigns can be even harder. Do you target PPC by device? What about tablets? How does the operating system factor in? At Obu Interactive, we’ve come up with an effective formula: (iOS + Android + Blackberry) – WebOS = Mobile Success. Read on to find out what that means!
Segmenting by Device Type and Operating System 
If I am selling office equipment, do I really need to break out my campaigns by the device people are using to search? Probably not – people don’t make $1,000 purchases on their phone. If I am generating leads for lawyers, and I am targeting people between the ages of 18-40, then I should break out my campaigns by device type, e.g. Desktop and Laptop, Tablets, and Mobile. At Obu, we do this because a high percentage of this demographic does most of their Internet browsing on their cell phones. This breakdown of devices is usually met with great success, because you can see different rates and different cost-per-click (CPC).
data for device segmenting
How to Write Mobile Ad Copy 
You may have read about how Mobile clicks are cheaper, and it’s true. According to our research, it can be up to 27% less per click. Mobile ads show only two top ads, which takes up more real estate and results in a higher CPC. As you can see from the table above, our Mobile click-through rate (CTR) is almost twice as high as the Desktop CTR, which helps boost Quality Score. (Another great thing about splitting by device type is that the conversion rate is higher on mobile.)
ad copy mobileOne way to raise CTR and quality score and lower the CPC on mobile campaigns is to separate mobile devices by their operating systems (WebOS, Android, Blackberry, iOS) and target your ads to each in the display URL. (See the ad to the left for an example featuring Android phones.) This is a great way to increase your CTR, even exceeding general ads that just say Mobile-Friendly. We discuss this more below.
Another tip for improving CTR: Include calls to action, e.g. “Fill Out our Mobile Contact Form!” in the ad below.
call to action ad copy
Break Out Mobile Campaigns by Operating System
mobile OS segmentationBreaking out by the operating system can make optimization tricky if you do not have enough data, so always make sure to have a standard of successful Mobile campaign to draw comparisons. As of right now, we at Obu can say that it is not worth breaking out WebOS (HP’s failed attempt into the mobile market). For now, include it with other Mobile campaigns, because WebOS usually has extremely low volume. (We wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually remove it from targeting or change it to other targeting like Bing Ads (adCenter) already does.) We anticipate that the Windows 8 release will include a big push on mobile and will have Windows Operating System targeting. See real data example below.
ad data mobile
Things to Try in the Future
At Obu, we have not yet tried this out, but I am considering breaking out Tablet campaigns by device type: one for Android and another for Apple’s iOS. Tablet devices may have less traffic than mobile devices right now, but at the rate and growth of tablet sales, there can be a lot more search volume.  Therefore, we expect a big benefit from spending more time breaking it out by campaign and having those ads targeted to operating systems on Tablets.
Bradley Zeller
Bradley Zeller

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