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Introducing: 3Q Cartoons!

Published: August 16, 2018

Author: Samantha Trieu

Have you heard? 3Q has begun to share original comic strips on its social media platforms! Read quirky stories featuring friendly 3Q faces. Our hope is that people recognize 3Q not just as a leading digital marketing expert, but also human and humorous. Since the modern person is so inundated with advertising, it is easy for them to tune out. People can smell a sales pitch a mile away. We hope that the comics can be a way to get in front of an audience in a fresh and entertaining way.

I used to be of the mindset that work and play should be kept separate. It’s serious work for a paycheck during the day and then I’d go home and try to practice my passions with whatever energy I had leftover from the day’s toil. Or sleep. (Oftentimes, sleep won.)
Last year, I had started a webcomic series about silly happenings in everyday life, but ran out of motivation and ideas for it. At the same time, the best boss in the world, Julia Thiel (our Creative Director at 3Q), had begun to push for custom illustration in client work. By the way, custom illustration is an awesome way to stand out among the many ads using very unoriginal stock photos (being caught wearing the same stock photo as a competitor. How embarrassing!).

It thrilled me that my manager was actively looking for ways to utilize my passions and strengths. As an employee, I have never felt more supported and valued by getting the chance to do what I love and use it to help the team. A little while later, our marketing team brought up the idea of doing a comic series for 3Q, that way we could collect ideas from fellow 3Qers, get them involved, and make them feel more connected in making engaging, funny content.

So far, we have been sharing on social platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. And we have a little bit of data to share. Look, a graph! On LinkedIn, we saw a significant spike in user engagement, the second highest in a three-month period. And on Instagram, we got almost 30% more likes than our average posts. It’s hard to really tell what impacts these comics have on brand awareness or any other performance metrics so far, but it’s encouraging that something we are making together is being relatively well-received. 🙂

What will the next comic feature? Will it be educational? Snarky social commentary? Silly inside jokes that no one will understand? Likely all of it! Comic content comes straight from the brilliant minds from our very own 3Qers.
And of course, if you have a need for illustration work (or any creative work, really), don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly 3Q Creative team!

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